My scanner died. I am in mourning this morning.

I have a HP 2355 all in one and please believe me when I cay that I cannot live without it… I scan in so many documents before I destroy the hard copies so that I don’t have to have a file cabinet for paperwork.  I have ALL of our photos stored on a backup harddrive but cannot add any more in ‘ cause the scanner died.  I have been on line with HP for evah and still no resurrection.  The Hubbs think’s I should just give it last rites, but I cannot say goodby yet!  It’s only 3 years old!?  WHY  WHY!!!????  The printer still works, but the computer cannot find the software even after I added and deleted it several times…WHY!???

Before I buy something new, would everyone be kind enough to help me out with what I should consider for a replacement?   I know that the Swedish market is limited and we don’t have half the products available in the US and UK, but all advice is greatly appreciated!



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2 responses to “My scanner died. I am in mourning this morning.

  1. protestingempress

    Are you looking for another all in one or just a scanner? I have an Epson Pro scanner that I love but it is just a scanner.

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