No sleep till Brooklyn… or Scrapbooking either.

or until I have made some headway on this mess…Why is artistic endeavor so sloppy?   I take out a punch, I put it back, but once I start with paper, forget it!  INSTANT CHAOS!!!  I need the exact embellishment or color to continue…

My friend,  Jeanette and I plan to make each other their “stuff” beneficiary.  In the event something happens to me, Jeanette will take care of my “stuff”.  The Hubbs calls it junk, but this is the stuff of love.  Every button, ribbon, cork and charm has been handled lovingly and sorted accordingly.   There really is a system to the madness, I just need to get organized so I can find “stuff”.   All of my acrylics are sorted, papers from cardstock, rubbons from stickers etc.    Biggest mistake I made was taking all of my Creative Memories inventory with me from America.  Scrapbooking has changed radically in the last 5 years and my tastes are no longer driven by 12×12 albums or square pages.  I blame Greta and Cynthia for showing me what I was missing all of these years…

I cannot find my box of servettes!  I need to get some for Sharon@ Noras for the big napkin swap!  I have lots of really nice ones I have been saving and hope that non of my kids used them by accident.


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4 responses to “No sleep till Brooklyn… or Scrapbooking either.

  1. Hey hey hey, I’m going to be looking for those napkins (servettes). Did you see on my blog yesterday? Don’t worry about US postage stamp. I was just being sneeky about getting a stamps from other countries to use as collage. So, already been used ones works for me. Just stick one in. As always, thanks for your crazy self.

  2. I have lots of used stamps I can send! Now to find those napkins…lol!

  3. Hi JerseyGirl!
    Yes, I would love to PIF my loot:-) Especially to someone with a cute dauschhound like that! I had one for 14 years and loved him to pieces. If you want to contact me with info, I will get it all sorted out. Thank you for visiting my blog, yours looks awesome, I will go and look some more…

  4. I hear ya on the mess … the papers and images just start to mix and mingle and eventually the piles stop my creativity. When I find myself walking into my studio and walking out again without playing, I know it’s time for a major clean-up LOL! Some of my best stuff comes right after it, too, because as I straighten and put away, I see images and colors together on my table that I wouldn’t think to put together before … my reward for cleaning up is playing with those rediscovered gems.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I’m having so much fun in my journal … taking a few online classes and getting some great new ideas has really made it fun again. My first journal was a regular school composition notebook (the kind with the marbled cover), and my second/current one is a Moleskin. I really enjoy working in it … the pages are wonderful … but I miss the bigger size. When I’m done with this one (just a dozen or so pages to go!), I plan to work in a journal I made myself. I used the instructions here to make it:

    I think it’ll be the best of both worlds … the bigger size of the notebook, but the sturdier pages like the Moleskin. I’m looking forward to playing in it soon!

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