A source for Vintage EphEMERA!

pronounced ” E-femera” vintage advertising and copies are always in high demand for us altered artists…that being said ARTFUL MAMMA has a wonderful selection of vintage ads and ladies just waiting to end up in an advertisement!  Please go and check it out!

I have over 200 Cabinet card images that I save…is there anyone out there that would like access to them?  They just lay in a box and gather dust…

Just slip me a message and the type you want…men…ladies…multiple people…children ( not so many) back images…( often nicer than the photo!)



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5 responses to “A source for Vintage EphEMERA!

  1. Andreea

    I enjoy reading your blog and I would love to have some images with children and ladies,etc.Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is really sweet. I’d love a few. I see you posted as did I. I did two days in a row. lol

  3. It seems like forever since I’ve been here! I hope you are keeping well:)

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