I apologize for not visiting or blogging…

Been working like an indentured person, lol!  When your livelyhood depends on snow, and there is none, you have to cut a lot of lawns, plant a lot of flowers and build a lot of playgrounds…all of which are hard on a tender girl, like moi.   OK, last lie aside, the fact of the matter is that it is cutting into my  art time, tv time, and blogging time.   When we get home, the hubbs runs for the shower then hits his easy chair.  I on the other hand need to start dinner, fend off kids and pets waiting for food, attention or the like.


I have 8 altered books and none of them are finished.

I have not uploaded a photo to Flickr in several months.

I just remembered I need to do 10 pages for a skinny book swap.

I still don’t have a scanner but forgot that I can upload photos from my camera…DUH!

Anyone want to do some one on one trades?  I want to see what everyone else is using.  I especially want to get my mitts on some Golden Gel!  I tried to order it direct, but they donot ship internationally…as if it was hazmat or something.

kit overloadWent to the cabin last week and did a LOT of scrapbooking!  I just refused to leave the house and fish or fika just scrapbook!  I was complaining to Greta that I must have over 75 kits that I have amassed and never used!  I have withdrawn from all scrapbook clubs until I can finish some albums and exhaust these kits.  Here is the rest of the lot…
Peoples exibit 2

Peoples exibit 2



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2 responses to “I apologize for not visiting or blogging…

  1. You’ve been a busy girl. You are excused! 🙂 Sounds like you had fun scrapbooking all weekend…speaking of which…I have a lot of scrapping to do to. Take care.

  2. Life sounds hectic Gina, hope you find some time to take it easy. At least you got some scrapbooking done!

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