Getting organized!

Was my new Years Eve lie  resolution and so far it has not happened.

This is what I am working with and there is no end insight.. somehow every thing always ends up clustered in my working area.  I do put things back as soon as I finish using them, but alas… Sorry the photo is out of focus…





I made a quick trip to IKEA!  Look what I found

These are SO cute!
These are SO cute!

They are called ISTAD here in Sweden, but they are ziplock bags and you get 25 of each size in the same package! The small ones are 8×8 not including the top zipper area and the larger ones are 9½x9½.  I can not only use them for storage, but organizing swaps and stuff!  ( have you ever heard such nonsensical musing bout a bag?  I don’t do plain well 🙂   Then there were these storage containersI bought 10 of these!  They are approx 10x6x5 and are stackable.  They are perfect for stamps, my paints as well as all of the ribbons and laces on my desk.   They cost 9 kroner for the box and 6 for the lid which equates to $1.50 /$1.00 each…the name and stock number should be the same in the UK and America.  Here are a few of the layouts I did last week…NO LAUGHING!


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4 responses to “Getting organized!

  1. Hi there, thanks for the visit to my blog. Your art area looks alot like mine! Except I don’t always put things away when I am finished with a project. Your scrapbook layouts look great! Come back for a visit anytime. Hugs***Renea

  2. I know just how you feel, I get excited about storage possibilities too! The hard part is following through and actually using them to be organized, though!

  3. Cute storage bags and I love the scrapbook page with the map background. Good luck with the organizing.

  4. Where have you been girl? Nice to see you back!

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