Think Monday, Think ATC Challenge!

I have am back in my chair and I just love trying a new challenge..Today it is ATC’s for the wonderful site, THINK MONDAY-THINK ATC

I lurv pink and apple green, and turquiose and robins egg blue and lavender and gold and …well you get the idea…

Summer Geisha

Summer Geisha

 What are YOU doing today?



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8 responses to “Think Monday, Think ATC Challenge!

  1. yesbuts

    ATC you got me beat –

    Air Training Corps
    After tea crumpet.
    A’int Tuesday crap?
    All too common.
    Alligators tennis club.

  2. Great ATCs. Love the face.
    Now, did you send napkins? I received from Sweeden but no name and I said….”that’s got to be that crazy Gina”.

    My borther and family will vacation in Sweeden, leaving about the 26th I think. He lives in Arizona.

  3. Love your atc’s especially the one with the face on it. I too love the colors. You asked about the eggs on my blocks…well some of them are already on the collage paper & some of them are collaged on there. Glad you like them! Hugs***Renea

  4. what am i doing today…hmmm…well right now reading blogs…hows that…hehehehehe

  5. thanks for the comment babe ..lovin your blog…what a cool knowledge of soul glo ends with the eddie murphy movie ‘comin to america’
    YOUR AVATAR leaves me “crazy right now” a huge B FAN AND HAVE BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO SHAKE MY BOOTIE AT 3 OF HER AWESOME GIGS..ACTUALLY There was 2 destiny gigs and one B .swoon..sharing here..i gave her some art that i made .3 of the most gorgeous hand made(by me ) belly dancer sun decals ..
    today taking 4 days off…lots of creating to do..but first i clean..dont forget to come back and see me…

  6. ali

    Hi! Thanks so much for your comment. I love your blog – great storage ideas….that The little book I made! 🙂 it’s easy, its like a mini ‘matchbook’, i made it to fit in the tin maya rd tin! thanks again! x

  7. Heia!
    Thank you for your visit on my blog.
    Your Summer Geisha is beautiful.
    Have a great Thursday, hug.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yes! That was an original TV guide page. You wouldn’t believe the things I have saved and drug all over the world. I have moved about 35 times in my life. I am learning to let go.

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