She’s gone Country

One of my favorite songs by Alan Jackson, Yes, I am proud to admit it is on heavy rotation on my Ipod and even the kids cringe when they hear it start up, because they know mommy has OCD and it is guaranteed to play several times in succession…That being established, I woke up this morning feeling a little homesick.  I had spoken to my my Mom yesterday and she was complaining about the heat in NJ,   This is what I decided to do to help alleivate my homesickness…

MMMMM good!

MMMMM good!

Yepper, biscuits.

They call them scones here, but same thing.  I started with the large lumpy one on the right…

Warm from the oven with butter and syrup.

I only ate 2, but the kids are going to be MAD on sunday and there is only a few left…



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5 responses to “She’s gone Country

  1. yum yum ..i love scones too..i made some a few evenings ago.
    thanks for the skorpor recipe
    enjoy your day

  2. Oh homesick, I’m sorry but yes to biscuits. I never knew biscuits were the same thing as scones. Now I’ll take some with honey or jelly or oh yum yum bixcuits and gravy. Yes

  3. Those look sooo yummy! I think I hear my stomach growling 🙂

  4. Hello and thank yoiu very much for your comment on my sketch blog! How fun, that you know Swedish!! I’m impressed!

    The LOs on the blog is made by severalö different girls, I only make the sketches (as will I later add a few of my own cards and LOs) but most of the LOs on the blog, so far, seem to be 12×12 and that card is probably 6×6.

    Hoper that helped!
    Thanks again! 😀

  5. OOOH those look yummy, I so have a thing for cakes and biscuits at the moment, then again saying that I have a thing for everything! I guess that is why is belly is about to pop!!!Internet back up and running…………. 5 weeks left so no baby update really except all is well with her and me. Also no scrappage to share, I have given up for the mo, so do you still forgive me?

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