Lagom is often one of my least favorite words in Swedish.  It is pronounced Lah-gum which tranlates to just enough.  I always laughlingly say that I have not experienced lagon in any phase of my life.  I am always searching for the more, the better or an upgrade. 

I do believe that there is a difference between enough and expanding your horizons.  I cannot learn enough about art; music or life.  I have however discovered what happens when you pass lagom and ignore the warning signs along the way.  I  present to you peoples exibit one…

The missing rubber stamps.








Exibit number two:missing paper .

Now just incase you can’t get the full impact of my sin of omission, here is a sideways look.  i’m not bragging, I’m embarrassed. 






Time to put a serious halt to the aquisition of “stuff” for now.  I am sure there are more tales of woe, but that is all I am willing to man up to right now 🙂 ok I lied…there are other horrors…Hidden scrapbook kits found on top of the basket of stamps not related to the OTHER stamp basket…

I’m not going to mention the scrapbook kits (12) that did not make it in last weeks visual inventory. 

On a brighter note, I’m working on a tasteful nude book on one of my Yahoo groups called Altered stART.  Quite fun and using a various assortment of photos…all tastefully done, mind you!  Then there is the mother of all projects… Art Techniques group is doing a chunky book and right now there are over 70 participants signed up and eveyone is to do a different technique!  Luckily i got in early and got something cool like embossing, but how can I take it to a higher level than just embossing? hmm?  Here is a peek at the way I spent a creative weekend

more "found" goodies
more “found” goodies

I forgot I can’t post them just incase the recipients wander by…maybe later gators!



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5 responses to “Lagom

  1. Isn’t it fun to reorganize and go shopping in your own cupboard full of goodies? I did a whole year of “only using what I have” – it was enlightening.


  2. Well, I still haven’t bought any new stash and it feels great to use up what I have! I’m sure you’ll find a great use for all the goodies you found:)

  3. protestingempress

    Stash looks great! I’m going to email you re: the nude thing.

  4. Lagom scaring story Gina 😆

  5. Great stuff..enjoy your new play pretties!

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