Is any one else being put off by HIGH POSTAGE RATES?

I belong to a group of people on Yahoo Groups that swaps boxes of items that you have used within the past 6 months in your artwork.  If I buy some items or find things at the flea market I will sort out a bit into a baggie and place it it the box that I keep under my desk so that when the send date is announced, I am ready.  I sort out large paper bits, napkins, charms, etc and lots of foreign text to send to my swapee.  I know that my receiver does lots of watercolor and not being an artistic sort myself, I wanted to send her a watercolor pad that I knew for sure she could use. 

I sort out, wrap little bundles ( If you are ever lucky enough to receive a package from  M I C H E L L E or the missing, but beloved Miz Smoochy Lips ´you will definitely understand the added flair with packaging 😉 .

I tape and secure, said package, lable and drive to the post office.  Miss Postal puts it on the scale to tell me that it will cost $79.06 to mail this 3 kilo box to America.  After I asked for my package back, she then informs me that if I go to the local market which is next door, they sell a larger box that costs roughly $6.00 that I can pack to weigh as much as 5 kilos and will cost $57. 06 to mail.  I am sweating bullets because not only am I signed up for several other personal swaps, I am doing a lot on the groups.  This is nearly my entire postage budget for 2 months…INCLUDING EBAY. 

I am feeling so deflated.

I know that the things that I am sending are nice but not $63.00 nice.  I would almost rather send someone a gift card from their favorite store than do this again… why…?

longing for older days

longing for older days



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9 responses to “Is any one else being put off by HIGH POSTAGE RATES?

  1. Bummer! It doesn’t make sense to pay that amt. – probably more than the items would cost. Takes the fun right out of swapping doesn’t it? I usually stick to swaps that go in a regular envelope for *letter* price. You can still have fun swapping bits and pieces – a few fibers, an assortment of papers, etc.


  2. Isn’t there any other options? Like the slow boat to China maybe. I know you are waiting for a package from me….and I swear I will make it worth your wait. OK.

  3. Darla: I am down to my last with this…no more…
    Sharon, not even in the same venue, my friend!

  4. Gina..that is ridiculous! Don’t they have a flat rate shipping box like here like priority mail? You can stuff a box full for $8.00. That’s ashame. …Linda

  5. Heia!
    I want to give you this award,
    it deserves. Look at my blog.
    Have a continued good summer.

    Greetings from Norway,

  6. Hi Gina – Wanted to e-mail you and thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on E. Lynn Harris as well as my shadow box. Can’t find your e-mail address on your blog here. E me back at

    And YES! the postal rates are just too daggone out of control. I always struggle with pricing in my Etsy shop because I don’t want people payment more in postage than on what it is they are purchasing from me! Sheeeesh.

  7. Postage is a pain! I’d do loads more swapping if it was cheaper:(

    Let me know if you still want to swap some books, maybe later in the year, and perhaps one at a time, lol!

  8. OMG, I mailed a package to the UK the other day & it was less than 11oz. not even a pound & it cost me $24.00. And I thought that was bad….But $79. is awful!!!!!!!!!! Gift card sounds better & cheaper! Hugs***Renea

  9. It is SO depressing me…now I find that Customs is holding my 100 dollar clearance purchase fom 2Peas…Lord, here it comes!!!! All the joy is leaving Christmas…even in July

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