On a blog semester for a week or so…

falling down...

falling down...








I am suffering from very strange headaches and having vision problems .

I think it is blood pressure, but I cannot be sure.  My head aches with a passion  and the heat is not helping. 

 The Hubbs needs me to help on a project next week, so that means lots of blinding sunshine, sweating and probably an even larger pain, LOL!

I’ll be visiting, but not blogging…Take care!



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10 responses to “On a blog semester for a week or so…

  1. Oohhh not good. I hope those nasty headaches go away soon Gina 😦 Take care and I’ll see you when you return to blogland! xoxo sherry

  2. love to you and healing universal energy Gina….

    if all else fails have a neck adjustment/alignment
    think of you babe

  3. Sorry about your headaches!! I hope they get better soon!! I have just recently discovered your blog, and really enjoy it!

  4. Yes I hope you will better soon. Perhaps your vision? Problem with eyes can explain some headaches.
    Thanks to visit my blog last day. I put a photo from the inside of the Cavern just for you Gina!

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  6. craftygallinda

    Gina…I hope you feel better. Maybe you need your eyes checked or glasses if you don’t have them already. Take care and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  7. Everyone needs a break sometimes and I wish you a good one – take care and be good to yourself!

  8. Feel better…Imitrex is the bomb if they end up being migraines.

  9. I hope those nasty headaches have gone away 😦

  10. What does the doc say? Sounds like it could be eye strain, migraines, allergies.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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