Look at this…

I found the most wonderful laser cut wood goodies on Etsy.  The shop belongs to Porkchop Scottie Treasure (www.porkchopshop.com) and there are the BEST laser cut items for use in collaging and or mixed media work.   He has store on ETSY that Sherry used and I  clandestinely followed the link..  I don’t know who led me to the shop, but this is the most fun I have had shopping in a long time!

Look at these pretties!  The typewriter keys are fantastic, but the skeleton keys are the bomb!  They come in paper AND wood.  I have several  more things on order but check the site out if you are looking for eclectic things that add the right touch of allure AND the “aroma of euphoria!



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8 responses to “Look at this…

  1. LOL…you were right..his stuff is fabulous!! I ordered 3 items…crowns and something else!! Thanks for the review!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. In your hands, everything looks artistic 😉

  3. Suzan! I think it was your blog where I first read of him! is this stuff not the bomb!?

    Renny, you smooth talker, you…Where did you get the electric grill!?

  4. It wasn’t my blog..LOL..Nope, not me..

  5. Sorry I did not answered you before about the electrical grill at our vacation home in Sweden. The truths is: I don’t know, it came with the apartment. Its probably bought in Norway.

  6. Scott’s the one I get my bird cuts from that are on my latest atc’s. Did you find him on my blog or did you just happen upon his etsy shop? xoxoxo sherry

  7. . . . and those pink swallows? Those wood cuts were designed from some Gold German Dresdens I sent Scott (smiles). I just love how they turned out don’t YOU?! Scott is just the best!

  8. Sherry! It was you! I went back and saw the items you used and found his link to the Etsy store! Scott rocks those cuts!

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