Busy, busy …doing nothing :)

This is my last week of vacation from the job, but The Hubbs wants me to work for him and I am reluctant…I am arting up a storm, cleaning and organizing my supplies and basically trying to bring some law and order to the wild wild west that prevails in my half of “The Office” ( I’m really lying, I have 75% of the room but THE HUBBS has a laptop that he is not sharing, so that makes us equal.  The previous mess is described on my flickr feed as rearranging deck chairs on my Titanic  I am sure it is below.  There is a challenge on Scrap your Crap and this weeks challenge was to use beads on your layout…This is my entry…based on a photo that has been on my mind for some time

Side eye at an early age...

Side eye at an early age...

Maya had this uncanny ability to reflect her emotions like an adult.  My great uncle Charles had just said to The Hubbs ” who is this pretty girl here?” when Maya went into diva mode…The Hubbs was trying to “talk her down” but Maya was having NONE of that and refused to hug Uncle for his 96th birthday… The layout is called ” Side eye for the Great Uncle Guy“…He has since passed on, but this photo lives forevah!, LOL!!!

Then there is the challenge with Nancy Baumiller at Something to Crow about.  She has started a group for mixed media artists on Flickr.  There is a weekly challenge where she posts pictures of items and you interpret them into what ever is your style…here is my contribution…don’t laugh…I live in the third world and Zetti is foreign to all but me and Ihanna, LOL!

it is what it is...

it is what it is...

…look at this loveliness…

I knew as soon as I saw the mail lady’s face who it was from!  Yes, I spared the envelope…I am a lover of mail art and I admire the  creative way that people make their statements by arting up the mail..sigh…look at this!  go on, click it bigger!

Inside, were these lovlies… a print that I had ordered from Sharon’s Etsy shop.  I had admired this lady for a long time and I have finally decided that she needed to come to Sweden for a

a surprise guest!

a surprise guest!

visit…I was so happy and surprised!  Sharon hosted a napkin swap…you send 5 you receive 5 in return. There are some music and old text pages, too…I thought I had a photo… This was sooo worth waiting for…

Napkins for collage...(read for my stash!)

Napkins for collage...(read for my stash!)



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6 responses to “Busy, busy …doing nothing :)

  1. Oh my goodness!~ That envelope is gorgeous! And the rest of the stuff you got from her!

  2. yes ma’me u have been arting up a storm!! you go girl and look at all those beads..please tell me you depleated the stash? LOL **muah**

  3. liz

    beautiful stuff here! and what an awesome job on the beads…that must have taken forever!
    thanks for playing.

  4. I had to enlarge the photo to see the beads… and the baby girl. Maya has “the look” down pat – uh-uh, I’m not having none of that! Hahaha. She’s adorable.

    I was part of Sharon’s napkin exchange too. Terrific wasn’t it?


  5. Girl you rocked the bead challege at SYC, thanks for playing!

  6. Thanks for the bead jokes, ladies…
    my kids are now officially legally blind, ( I can’t take credit for stringing the little boogers, lol!) The Twem’s ( my name for the two that shall not be named on mommy’s blog, because we are 15 and all of our friends will know that our mother blogs…They are thinking that they are the “twin men” (insert evil laugh here…)

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