Something in the bread just isn’t clean…

or blended well.  As serious as food costs are, I can say that while we don’t eat poorly, we are not exactly fine dining either.   There are no vegans in this house and dairy is a staple, with bread  coming in at second place for The Hubbs and kids.  I am used to the American way of shopping which means once or twice a week for perishables and a big monthly restocking.  Swedes love to grocery shop almost as much as they like standing in line.  Think I’m lying?  The Swedish Statistics Bureau keeps statistics on just about anything happening in the country, and they even publish in English.  They love the lies, damn lies and statitistics numbers here.

I had to write my second complaint letter this month…exibit one..

yeast clumps...ugh!

yeast clumps...ugh!

 here is shot held up to the light…look at what you are missing! Can you say YUM-O!

breeding ground

breeding ground

Let us see what will happen.  Our microwave stopped nuking last month and the store refuses to take it back because we don’t have the receipt.  Entire packaging, and everything but they said no, so I left it in the store parking lot.  I wanted popcorn so I opened the bag to dump it in the pot and there was a rock in it…I bagged it up and sent it back to the store owner, ICA which is the largest grocery extrotion ring chain in Sweden and they were gracious to send me 100 kronor gift certificate to use in their store.  if I had not seen that stone I would have been in trouble.  We shall see friends…I can take a bad batch of acrylic because there is no contamination or health threat, but we stop the jokes at food…the cost and the repulsion out weigh the other things.



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8 responses to “Something in the bread just isn’t clean…

  1. craftygallinda

    Good for you and glad you got a gift certificate. I shop at Giant it’s a big chain and I bought fresh cooked shrimp a little while back and when I went to take it out of the wrapped bag it smelled rotten! They have a policy where they give you double your money back when something is returned. My question was how did the kid behind the counter not smell the foul smell when he was packing it up for me? lol Unbelievable! And to your statement about the Swedes and liking to grocery shop, isn’t that a European thing. Shopping for fresh food daily?

  2. I pretty much shop the European way. I try to avoid the big chain stores and buy fresh from individual places; the bakery, the produce market, the fish market, etc. I’m lucky tho, I live where all those small, dedicated to one thing, stores still exist.

    Yuck on the bread. And rocks in the popcorn? Sounds awful.


  3. Oh my lordy, you could have cracked a tooth. Yuk on the bread.

  4. That bread is just gross. And how in the heck did a daggone rock get into the popcorn?! Sheeeesh. I’m glad you left the bread in the parking lot. (hee he)

  5. Grosss….time to move back!

  6. I’m with you, messing with my food is gross!! I would be beating some manager/owner in the head with his loaf of bread..LOL..We get it here too..WALMART is the culprit.

    Once I bought something at Target, and they wouldn’t refund my money–so I threw it all over the customer service desk…it’s a miracle that I didn’t go to jail…LOL

  7. I was going to write something funny and witty and then I couldn’t get my keyboard out to type and when I finally got it out I forgot what I had planned to write…

    Yeah messing with my food is so not cool! I can’t believe you actually found a rock in the popcorn. Ouch

  8. That bread is disgusting and I can’t believe they would not take it back. I live in Canada, and the area I live in has to have the best available grocery stores and food products I have ever seen. I can’t believe how lucky we are when I go to other countries and see what you have to buy.

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