25,000 visitors! WOAH!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

ΔΣΘ ♥ spoken here!  Any sorors lurking?

Anyway in honor of my wonderful friends and the amazing amount of people that stop by, I would like to offer a GIVEAWAY!  You can choose an Altered Art packet or a Scrapbooking packet!  I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people on the web.

NOTE: it is ok to lurk, but remember in the words of the Wynans  ‘ He who is a friend, must first show himself friendly” ( I know that quote is probably a biblical verse, so sue me…Teddy Riley was on it… 🙂

This kind of contact would not have been possible had I not met my friend, Jeanette who introduced me to the world of Vintage goodies, flea markets and making something out of nothing!  I cannot pass by an old book, a bag of junk jewelery or an old photo without thinking of the altering potential.  I am grateful to have met such “enablers” that occupy my blog roll, and I receive far more from any of you than you from me…:) ! I started blogging in March of 2006 and have had a blast!

Please leave your name and a link, (no schmoozing or sucking up warranted) and I will have my crumb snatchers draw a name or a number and TA-DA!

Leave your info by Saturday, 17th Augusti and I will post the winner on Sunday at 12:pm afternoon, before lunch…e:am eastern standard time, lol!!

Have a great weekend and no, these are not old, outdated kits, nor did they come from the “granny shop” , Greta!  rotflol!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

vintage glass images

Vintage glass images rec. in a PIF / RAK from the wonderful PAM CARRIKER! Hoarded AND loved EVERYday by moi 🙂



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25 responses to “25,000 visitors! WOAH!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  1. holy cow!!! 25,000 hits! i can’t believe how many unused kits you have in that bucket!
    i’m a newbie, greta pointed me this way.
    congrats on your hits! that is just crazy!

  2. sorry not greta, gina! duh!

  3. crimsonpurl

    Thanks Soror for coming by to visit my blog!
    Gurl we got to get you knitting beyond squares! :o)

    Tenacious #36
    FL #99, 49 P.O.S.
    Charlotte Alumnae

  4. Yay!!! On 25,000 hits! That’s awesome! So generous of you to give away a RAK. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Cool!! Love those blog hits … we’re such geeks, huh?! LOL! Crossing my fingers that your crumb snatchers’ sticky paws will grab my number … would love an altered art packet! Looks like you got a lot of packets to pull from … whoa!

  6. craftygallinda

    I hope your crumb snatchers pick me! 🙂 I love either an altered art kit, heck I’d love the scrapbook kit too. Doesn’t matter to me. Thanks for the chance and congrats. on 25,000 hits!

  7. I’ll just go ahead and tell you, it’s the altered art kit for me.

  8. 25,000 visitors . . . I hope you didn’t serve any of them that bread, or they may not make it back! LOL

    All kidding aside, when your children pick my name, tell them I would like an altered art kit please. Thank you. Have an art-filled day today!

  9. When my name is chosen (ah-hem!) I’d love to have an altered art kit.


  10. I never met a kit I didn’t like. But wait! Will I live long enough to put them all together? Give me a chance.
    PS: You’re lying about 25,000 hits. Did you invent the internet?

  11. godjudges

    I’m so new to this I squeak, trying to get a nice stash going so would adore the altered kit.
    25,000 hits can’t be wrong. I found you through that yummy place called “theartfulmamma”.

    Thanks for the chance.
    Diane Wagner

  12. Oh wow…congrats on your 25k! That’s awesome! I wanted to let you know that Wipeout is on Tuesdays at 8 on ABC….good family humor. Painful, but funny!!


  13. Thanks for all of the kind comments! I hope that everyone comes back by to see who my lucky poster is! Some people have not left a snail mail addy so it will be “the luck of the Irish”, or 06:00 EST for the draw!

  14. Congrats on your 25,000 visits!
    hoganfe handbags

  15. Hi Gina !

    I saw your post on etsy Cottage -and thought i would pop by and say hello – and please enter me in your giveaway !

    Hope to see you on my new blog i sent an invite too as well !

    Thanks !

  16. Oh my sweet friend! Congrats on your 25,000th hits!!! That’s hella lots! You rock rock rock!!!! And I loves kits so muches that I’m going to enter your giveaway!

    Big hugs to you Seester!!!!!! 🙂

  17. Hi Gina, great to have you at ECS, and thanks for letting us know about your giveaway. I am just now learning as much as I can about altered art, mixed media etc, I am loving it 🙂
    Please enter me in your draw, thanks soooooo much!

  18. Hello from Germany,
    it is still Saturday, so I will also ask to be entered in the draw. And if I happen to win, I’d love to get an altered art packet. But we have a saying in Germany : lucky lover, unlucky player. And I am a lucky lover at the moment.
    Happy Sunday

  19. 25 000 – congrats – I don’t wonder as visiting your blog is always a nice read – even with some great surprises 🙂

    Since I’m from Norway, this was probably about time as it’s 30 minutes to midnight.

    Wishing you a great end to your week 🙂

  20. It’s only 9:25 PM here so hopefully I am not too late. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats on the hits.

  21. WOAH!!! Thanks every one for stopping by! I should clarify…I will draw on Sunday at 12pm SWEDISH (EASTERN EUROPE) time…so go ahead and leave your name and or link so I can get back to you!

  22. just missed out… attans!

  23. hello!! Congrats to the winners!!! I think I missed this one!!

    just dropping by!

  24. LMAO!!! woman…scrapbook for heavens sakes and dwindle that stuff down…LMAO like i have room to talk….congrats to the weiners

  25. Darnit! I missed the RAK!

    That’s ok. I would have felt guilty if you needed to mail it to the US!

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