An artful weekend

This is an award that I received from the wonderful TOVE at LIVET I FARGER! ( LIFE IN COLOR)

I have been trying to add it to my sidebar but alas sometimes this is not part of the WP package or either I am too illiterate. 🙂

Thanks so much for thinking of me and as you surf, please remember to comment on the person’s blog!  I love discovering new places to go and am surprised when I see my spot mentioned on someone elses sidebar!   Blogging is the new letter writing and I’m all for email!

I am benind in scrapbook layouts, and have an Itty Bitty Book project due for breast cancer awareness s well as 120 pages of technique for the altered art group.  Be crafty and to the hundreds of unknown people that stop by here everyday…please leave your link so I can visit!



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3 responses to “An artful weekend

  1. Your new header is great, and its nice to know who those people are.

    Congrats on the well deserved award.


  2. Thank you! And for the record, ny kids can always use another Nana!

  3. Great idea to set aside one day for looking at other blogs! I like it ~

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