All things in time and for a reason…

While I was short noticed about my knee surgery, an EKG revealed an irregular heart beat that concerned the anestiosiologist to the point where he cancelled my surgery and instead put me in que for a thoracic consult.

My knees hurt so badly because my posture is effected by the imbalance of the weight distribution… I have to change shoes 2-3 times during work and am often recording 18-21.000 steps a day on my pedometer.  I have withdrawn from all of the elective things and swaps that I originally signed up for.  Now I look like a real Bozo because I’m not having surgery…sigh…

I really feel like that train in the last post is out to get me…However…

Being bigger and badder than that train, lol…You MUST see what my bestast kompis, Jeanette is doing to lovely bars of Greek Olive Oil Soap! You need to get in line to order them, because they are selling out like crazy!!!


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  1. Ok, give me a link to her shop . . . or tell me how to change her blog to English *smiles*

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