Mail, mail and homemade apple sauce, too! Post och Äppelmös!

Vintage Ephemera!

I have been weaning myself off of $bay for sometime now, primarily because the sellers seem a bit harsh for my gentle temperament, lol!  ETSY is now my new drug of choice and I just love, love, LOvE all of the wonderful things that I really need (yeah, right!)! If you have not experienced the thrill and customer service ( and OK:::some damn good freebies, 🙂  You are MISSING something!

I am committing to not buying anymore “stuff” till I have made a big dent in what I have.  Acquiring stuff with the sole intent of making something should come to fruition everyso often…There are buyers, like me out there, but I want to get better with art and scrapbooking so at some point I need to be a consumer of goods, not just a warehouse r of…I remember the theory behind supply side economics and I am sure my instructors would not be impressed with my theoretical application.

I am visiting my neighbors this week, want to set a good blog example!  To all of my friends that I owe packages to, please be patient…postage is SO  %&@£$ (doggone) expensive here, I just sent 12 off today!   Let’s see if we can find a photo!  Can you smell the vanilla and cinnamon?



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6 responses to “Mail, mail and homemade apple sauce, too! Post och Äppelmös!

  1. MMMMMM……the apples look so good. I know what you mean about storing stuff….I am trying to get my scrapbook game in place and I have managed to hoard a lot of stuff and I have not scrapbooked in a year.

  2. *sigh* I keep saying that I wont buy anything else until I make a dent in what I have – and then I find another MUST have type supply.. or another set of supplies for a cool project (that must be put in line with all the other great ideas I have but have not yet had the time to complete yet).. you must tell me how you do it successfully 🙂 those apples look great – what are you making?

  3. LOL! I think we’re ALL in that boat with you. I HAVE been pretty good lately about buying magazines . . .oh wait, I already have all of the latest issues of the Stampington magazines. Darn it, THAT’S why I haven’t been spending any money on them lately! Oh well, it was a good thought (hee he)

  4. Hej Gina! Tack för kommentaren i min blogg, så kul med en ny svensk kontakt! Jag ska titta runt på din blogg och länkar om för mig är nya! Och ser att du har flickr också!

  5. Hi Gina! Thank you for leaving a note on my blog:-) I’m glad you found MWO and the tutorial helpful. I can almost smell those apples cooking-yum!

  6. Hello Jersey Girl

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments. I download another photo of the table top so maybe you can see it better now…I hope anyway. I think you where asking about the mosaic one ..right?

    Today is the red sox ball game on so after its over I will take some time to read you blog….util then have a great day.

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