I received this from Sherry@ Got Art? !

I would like to thank all of the Academy and let us continue to work towards bringing attention to the plight of the Haitians who are still suffering after massive hurricane destruction and lack of basic food and clothing.

If you are an American Express member, please go to their site and vote for Kiva as one of their top 5 recipients.

Now; spreading some artistic love…Thank you SO much, Sherry!  I love reading blogs more than I like blogging so it is a wonder that anyone stops by to see me!   I would like to nominate my personal peeps…as soon as I can see their links and update…

Have I mentioned that I am computer challenged!? 🙂 My nominees are:

1) Micayla (new mamma and super scrapper!)

2)  Jeanette (who I never see and lives only over the road)

3)  Courtney (the crafty Cajun)

4)  Linda (one of the few I can follow in crafty explanations)

5)  God’s Child ( my conscience personified…)

6)  Aimee My life…not mine…hers..:)

7)  Sharon and Nora Two ladies that lend as much inspiration as they give to the rest of us… Those are 7 of my weekly reads including the rest of my blog patroll!, LOL!

That is not to say that I don’t like everybody elses blogs, but there are folks that have nurtured me and helped me on my road to creativity…I heart them and every one that stops by and visits!  Have a great and creative weekend!


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5 responses to “I received this from Sherry@ Got Art? !

  1. You are so funny!
    i’m with you–rather be reading than blogging . . .

  2. THANK YOU for visiting my blog!!! I totally agree with you . . . I’m just such an Audrey Hepburn fan!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your blog award!! Woo! Hoo!

  3. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you wear to the ceremony! Designer, I’m sure.

  4. thanks for the comments! why can’t all you guys live near me. you guys (online friends) seem to be the only normal people with the same kind of values i can find!

  5. protestingempress

    Very cool.

    And, you’re right, I’m effing jealous of the free childcare!!! Of course, your taxes are through the roof but still!!


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