A little bit of fantasy…Robin Thicke

I never cared for Alan Thicke as an actor, but If I had known that he was up to this, he coulda been my dream man…instead, I lust over his son.  He is so talented and one of my favorite singers…



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9 responses to “A little bit of fantasy…Robin Thicke

  1. Gina,
    Wow. Alan created THAT?!! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed every minute of his voice.

  2. How timely you would post about the Thicke’s. Robin has a new cd being released next Tuesday! I caught an interview of him on one of my local radio stations yesterday. They played a few cuts off the new cd . . . ohhhh, this will be one to buy!! I’m a big fan as WELL.

  3. ~swoon~ Thank you ladies for entertaining my innocent crush, lol! I promise if he comes to Sweden, I am SO there!!!

  4. Girl Ima be all over this .. thanks for that vid .. how is the weekend Diva

  5. Alan Thicke is a good Canadian boy (his mother was a neighbour of my mother’s)…and while I too have never been a “fan”, his son has the goods…let’s give credit to his mother, Gloria Loring…she was the singer in the family.

    BTW — love the banner Gail did — it’s fabulous!

  6. Guess what?! I’m seeing him in concert Oct 6th 🙂

  7. Pinky

    What Alan thicke has a good looking son????

  8. You are so cute!
    I remember you posting about him last year!

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