I need serious help, and prayer

My son, one of the twins, has a problem concentrating.

While they have been catagorized as “special needs”…I find the only special needs that they need is creative outlets.  Twin one has taken guitar.  He started with an acoustic and now he is electric and climbing…HE can read music, knows chords and has basically inherited his fathers “ear” for music.  He can play various instruments “by ear” and I am constantly thanking the powers that be for his gifts.

He woud like a LES PAUL guitar. We look all over Ebay and the other acution sites to no avail...but...

I KNOW that this is costly but I am appealing to my blogger friends, contacts and associates that may stumble here to point me in the right direction to help my son’s dream come true.  Maybe I can help you with something else…and as far as I know, this is the first time I have used my own personal blog for familial gain…

That being said, my Mother in law…who has always been a stand up kind of woman has just been diagnosed with cancer.  She had a growth removed from her head and although it was benine there is cancer in her body.  My Mom is in the hospital in NJ.  She had siezures, and has a history of heart condition, hypertension and diabeties.  Please pray for her ability to come back.   Thanks so much.



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11 responses to “I need serious help, and prayer

  1. Gina, I will keep your family in my prayers and if I come across anyone who can help with the guitar situation I will definitely let you know. Music is an amazing outlet for so much in life. I’m so pleased that your son has discovered this.

  2. Will pray for you and your family. As for the guitar. My husband and boys are musicians and our house is an ADHD house. 🙂 However, music seems to calm them and when they play they are absorbed in it. When kids have “special needs” according to the school system due to attention problems, etc. in my opinion it’s the system that doesn’t know how to handle kids that don’t fit the norm. Usually it is that they just need a little more direction and some extra time and they are ok but in a class room with 20 to 30 kids they can’t slow down for a few who can’t keep up. I am homeschooling my youngest this year and he is one of those kids that just needs a little extra time and attention until things click for him. Back to the guitar….I told you I have adhd 🙂 anyway, ebay, the classifieds, and if you have a music store nearby that sells used instruments or can hook up with musicians who are trying to sell one. BTW, I moved from wordpress to blogger so my new link is on here too. Take care! I hope this helps.

  3. First and foremost, I will keep you, your mother-in-law, and your mother in my prayers.

    Second, I will keep my eyes and ears open for a Les Paul guitar. If your son played the violin, I could help you. I have a really nice one that I bought for my son that he played for 2 years.

    Take care sweet Gina. And remember to breathe! xoxo

  4. I will agree in prayer with you and pray for God’s will in all the things you mentioned.. if anything comes my way as far as guitars I will let you know..

    its amazing how many artistically inclined individuals are catagorized as special needs.. I think truly that a lot of them are just as capable as the next person, but the teachers they are dealing with are only used to the majority, non-artistics that are textbook cases of learning.. perhaps the teachers need more education on how to deal with different types of learners.. that’s why I love homeschooling – I can change to adapt to each child’s learning since I only deal with 3 children vs a teacher dealing with 20 or more..

  5. Your family is definitely in my thoughts!

  6. Thanks so much everyone…! The ladies on the left side of my header are my Mom and Grandmother. I so appreciate my friends in word!

  7. Sending prayers your way. Hang in there.

  8. I keep thinking of your Mum and Mother in law. And hopefully your son will find the guitar of his dreams. I keep my fingers crossed. Cyber hugs.

  9. I’ll also look around. There should be some guitars for sale in Hawaii. I’m wondering about shipping costs, though.
    I’m so sorry about your MIL.

  10. ADHD is such a joke!
    I think everyone has some form of it!
    Good luck finding the guitar.
    I will keep my eyes open, as well!

  11. Oh and BTW – Amy you are hot! I love your profile pic! LOL!

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