One down, one to go…books in the making

I joined the itty bitty book swap for a “pink” breast cancer book.  There were 25 particpants and of course, I decided to stray from the “pink” theme but of course included pink! This is kind of faded because I thought I was short a copy at the last minute… but basically the same theme.. Then there is the challenge over at SCRAP YOUR CRAP! This is a biweekly challenge designed to help scrappers create layouts with stuff we would other wise not grommets, which I hate, but have…patterned scissors, etc…IT is fun and I would still be sitting on these doggone crappy things if I had not been “challenged” to use them :).  A fun bunch of ladies and always a good laugh to be had!  This is a pix of the boys at 6 but they have just started getting different recruiting information from high schools in Sweden.  This ticket caught my eye and I scooped it up before I think they even saw it, lol!  K2 thought it was a cool layout.

I am finishing up the last 20 pages for the Fat Book Techniques challenge on the Art Techniques yahoo group.  120 plus people signed up to create 120 4×4 pages of various techniques from collage to bees wax to rust and all of the participants receive EACH one of the 120 techniques that they can hold, examine and learn from…did I mention that the instructions are on the back so that the mystery is history!  This should be a blast and I am so looking forward to getting mine…deadline is soon, so I need to stop writing and finish!

Last but not least, this is an ATC I have been looking at and tweeking for EVAH!  I bought a CD from Ten-Two Studios called Thelzeda’s Photo Album.  He looked so official and I had been searching through my doo dads for the right embellishments, even if they were not related to his rank or position… Back to work before it is time to start dinner.  We’re having Chicken Parm tonight…a REAL crowd pleaser, here!



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8 responses to “One down, one to go…books in the making

  1. Great work Gina! And I love that you didn’t “over pink”…one of my pet peeves about breast cancer….the “over” pinking….but I’m pleased to see the ribbon…it is our “hope” and symbol of determination to drive this disease into the ground!! We may be associated with pink but my gosh there is so much more to us — we’re bold and we’re not soft!! As a survivor, I “limit” my pink to be sure!


  2. wow! you’re busy! great work…

  3. wooo hooo… i hate eyelets too…they suck!!

  4. liz

    awesome! and i don’t like eyelets either, but sometimes you can do some cool stuff with them!

  5. Great layouts. I love the ATC. I’ve been making a few of those (one on my blog today). They drive me nuts because they are so small but the trading is fun.


  6. I’m loving that Scrap Your Crap stuff – I don’t scrap, but maybe I could collage my crap?!

  7. Love the ATC!
    I took and ATC class yesterday!
    It seems they are more my speed, since I don’t tend to scrap much.

  8. love the ATCs too. where did you get your vintage photo. i know there are some flickr groups that have photos.
    get at me!

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