Some lovelies in the mail! Before the October Stop Don’t Shop embargo :)

The card says  “Some folks never exaggerate, they just remember BIG”-Audrey Snead

DUH! I forgot to publish 2 days ago…soreeey!

The Philosophy book is a blank journal that I am using to sketch outlines for cards and scrapbook pages. It is filled with thick weight art paper.  Sweet Spooky Sue is really not shown in her glory! This is so pretty and the raven on the end of her broom twinkles in a glittery black powder!  Please stop by Sherry’s as she is having a fund raiser to support Breast Cancer called Shop for The Cure!

Next is a lovely goody that I purchased for me and a certain friend that is having a birthday the day after The Hubbs’!  These are the MOST WONDERFUL soaps you can imagine!

This is Warm Vanilla Goatsmilk soap with Strawberry ” icing”. It smells as wonderful as it looks and it is from a lovely little Etsy shop called Cottage Bubbles.  These are TO WASH for!, lol!  And as you can see, they look good enough to eat!  I have sliced mine and they sit on a silver serving dish on my desk so I can sneak a sniff every so often…I will take a wedge and use it, but not before I get some more…when my self imposed embargo has ended…maybe after Christmas, lol!   (  I can’t show the “gift” I ordered for someone, but I did receive a wedge of Orange Creamsicle Goat Milk soap in the bag… I almost popped it in my mouth it smelled so good! 🙂

If you have not planned out your shoping for the upcoming holidays, please stop by ETSY and patronize some of the wonderful vendors there!  The quality is fantastic and I have not been disapointed to date!



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7 responses to “Some lovelies in the mail! Before the October Stop Don’t Shop embargo :)

  1. Oh gosh that soap looks good enough to eat!!! I’ll bet it smells divine!!!

    And thanks for spreading the word about shop for the cure Gina…your purchases look so good in your home!! xoxoxo

  2. Miz

    I like! I like!!

    So come bring your happy self to my give-away. You know you want my crap. And even if you don’t, just pretend you do. heheh!
    Have a great weekend!
    Oh and p.s. Next time you feel like going on an Etsy shopping spree, let me know… I’ll send you a list of stuff you can buy me 🙂

  3. The embargo sounds just like what I need around here!

  4. It is because I NEED it!, LOL!!!
    Mary Ann is a total PANIC and you all need to visit her crazy posterior!

  5. Wow, that soap looks so real you could almost take a bite out of it.

  6. Girl I thought that was a dang CAKE to EAT .. oh my goodness I had to go and show hubby this one, LOL, girl what you doing today, and umm yep Ima need you put that etsy link up, or is it already LOLOL..

  7. Sasha, you NEED this soap…it comes in Chocolate and e’rythang!, lol!

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