Stop the PRESS!

Sista Girl, Rice Crispy went to see the one and only love of mine…ROBIN THICKE!!!

She has live concert footage on her blog and i have been watching it non stop…slobber…sigh…slobber…

Go on and click

YOU KNOW you wanna!



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3 responses to “Stop the PRESS!

  1. Well, I know what I would get YOU for Christmas if I could *smiles*. But don’t get all excited, because I don’t have those kind of connections. What you ask? Why of course I would have him fly out to Sweden for a private concert for you! Yeah, that’s the kind of friend I would be if I had money and connections *smiles*

  2. Too bad my camera died halfway through the concert. If I had been able to record “Lost Without You” or his encore performance of “Brown Sugar” (cause you know he likes Brown girls right *wink) and “Let’s Stay Together,” you may never leave your computer 😉

  3. *sigh* that man… girllll, no words.
    love him!

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