My favorite You Tube …

This is a guy named Robert Murain

He was auditioning for “So you Think You Can Dance, USA” and he stuck in my mind for evah!…not because of the music!

He made it on to the program, but was subsequently enveloped by his fear of inadequacy and  formal training and dropped out

I love this video for two reasons,  first, winners, NEVER quit and second..2) Quitters never win….aspect, but because he was then noticed by several large companies and went on to make commercials and other things.

I am so insecure about my scrapping and art that I am often reluctant to post it.  I can’t copy anyone else’s designs or styles so mine “is what it is…”  When I think of bottoming out, I think of Robert who had the favor of the judges and still wimped washed out…

My way might not be the way everyone else goes.
I may never be as good as my friends and associates, but I’m ok with that…My goal is not to be published or on a design team, but to leave a legacy that what I did, “mattered”.  That is the ultimate tribute…Like we used to write on the bathroom walls in junior high…
Gina was here, but now she’s gone.
She left her name to carry on.
Those who knew her, knew her well.
Those who didn’t, can go to h.E. double toothpicks…lol! we were not allowed to curse back then…!
But I will never give up…
I could never go out like that.

( Tune is called: It’s ME. Bitches”, instrumental version and original version by : Swizz Beats).



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8 responses to “My favorite You Tube …

  1. Miz

    I can soooo do that.


    I can barely do a sit up!

  2. I’b bet after several drinks with umbrellas, you CAN!

  3. your scrapbooking is lovely, as are you. don’t give up!

  4. They are so lovley. Just like a cup-cake

  5. What in the world are you talking about??? “I’m not – I don’t – I can’t”. I don’t want to hear any more of that (and I’m old enough to be your Mama so don’t give me any back talk!)

    Each artist creates with their own unique style and view and your’s is great. Every thing you make is a thing only YOU could create. (That applies to art, dinner and yes, even children).

    Get on with your OWN art!!!


  6. That video was amazing. I am seriously in awe. And also, what’s wrong with your art? Each artist’s interpretation is her own! Just play and loosen up. Stop worrying. Silly face!

  7. You clever thing! I love those ATC’s. I haven’t looked at your blog for a long spell and I’m really in love with it. Yours is different/amazing/interesting/cute/funny. I’m so glad you’re my daughter. (step……LOL)

  8. Great video and Another Very inspiring post.
    I am new to your blog (first time today), but I have enjoyed looking at your art/ blog.
    Thanks for finding me so I could find you.

    Happy thursday to you

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