*Bus eller Godis! Halloween is nearly here…

(*pronounced : boose el or goo dis. The Swedish version of Trick or Treat!)

I was trying to decoupage some glass jars and found out the Go Make Something challenge for Monday was to do something Halloween related.  The labels are also from the site and I could kick my own posterior for only buying one set…  😦

That being said…Here is a jar that I made for my MIL which I will fill with peppermints.  She is almost through with her chemo treatments and needs a bit of a pick me up…The lid is decorated with mini beads and Diamond Glaze.  The jar is decoupaged with a rose printed napkin and you can find the directions on the GMS site.  I saw all of the red squiggly lines and was still too dumb to spell check (*laughing at myself*)

The rub ons and ribbons were from from a RAK I received from the lovely Aimee and Connie and in a grab bag.  Cool way to recycle some jars and use up a bit of supplies, too!


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16 responses to “*Bus eller Godis! Halloween is nearly here…

  1. That is beyond cute! I think I have some labels saved somewhere…let me check and then email if I do!

  2. Love it! You did a great job. And thanks for reminding me. Isn’t it free printables this week at tentwostudio’s for Halloween?

  3. Great art and a super way to recycle. I’ll bet your MIL will be pleased.


  4. So clever and you used a napkin on the jar. Oh yea! I can do that, I have lot’s of napkins. Your MIL is going to love it.

  5. I didn’t have your e-mail addy so I couldn’t respond back to you personally. Be sure to me your e-mail!!

    Thanks for watching me along the way in my knitting and for the kind words!! :o)

    BTW – I am not sure if they ship internationally @ yarn shop…

  6. Those are great! Now I want to make some!

  7. Oh, my dear soulmate, this is absolutley fabouluse. beg you parden fore my english….. love the jar.

  8. Love your jar! I know your mother-in-law is going to love it as well *smiles* xoxo

  9. thank you for commenting on my blog.. Re: your question about eh little metal hangers… I bought a pack of 4 on line from the “crafty individuals” web site.
    Love your Jar.. well done .. I love halloween and autumn.

  10. Girl that is nice .. Ima try that and give you cred .. LOL and you be having me CRACKIN UP .. you hear me..

  11. Miz

    How fun! And who doesn’t love a jar full of candy!?!! Yum =]
    I for one am praisin’ the lawd that Halloween is o-vah!

  12. Always candy in the jar…after my rightside implants…I will be lucky if I get to chew anything again in life…!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jar!!! I dont’ usually decorate for halloween, but I love that one.. too cute!

  14. That is adorable! Is it time for a candy restock?

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