Are you on the Jul Stol*?


That is Christmas chair in Swedish… SWANKY!

( *background info..4 years ago, we were too tired to decorate for Christmas…we had done window deco, but no tree as The Hubbs wanted to wait for Christmas Eve, which is tradtion and we ended up assed out of trees.  Especially since it RAINED the whole week prior to Christmas Eve, which meant everything was wet, Charlie Brownish.. and still costing over 50.00 each, which is a lot, considering that you are allowed to cut down your own tree as long as it is on allmansrätt…public property where all men have the right to exist, even if it is private property.  We took out this really nice woolrich blanket that i got as a free gift when I puirchased my cedar chest right after college, laid it on the back, draped a string of lights on it, then photographed the kids around and in it…you needed to be there… it was really cute!, LOL!


I have been tagged by the lovely Geri at An Artful Gathering as to whether or not I had my Christmas on…and the answer is Yes…in FULL effect!  I am there,  happening,  in there like swimwear, on and poppin, etc…

In return I have to tag 3 other people and mention the person that tagged me… Since Michaela will not go to sleep;  the lasagna I ate ( only a 4×4 square, I SWEAR!) is killing my stomach and will not settle down and The Hubbs is refusing to pick up the twins from Karate since The Princess is not with them…

I nominate the following folks…LOL!

Crafty GalLinda

Mommas Goodies

Pyssla Palace ( my friend Jeanette who is amazing with her art and crafty stuff…Ask me and I will translate, but I need to put up a Babel fish for her…The art speaks for itself, so don’t worry…



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3 responses to “Are you on the Jul Stol*?

  1. I received a “Tag, You’re it!” from Nancy Jamar of Gilding the Lily on Monday morning. I have now tagged YOU!

    Here are the official rules:

    Link to the person who tagged you
    Mention the rules

    Reveal six quirky yet boring, mundane, banal and pedestrian facts about yourself

    Tag six other bloggers by linking to them

    Go to each of their blogs and leave a message letting them know they’ve been tagged!

    of course, Sherry! I love a good game of tag!

  3. Thanks for the comments and thanks for tagging me. I tagged three more people at my blog. btw, change your link to my new blogspot address and get rid of the wordpress link my dear. 🙂 You will love blogger. It has so many more features then wordpress. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Take care

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