Surfing Sunday and a tag continues…

I just sold my first piece of altered art.

It was an altered cigar box that I made into a dream catcher.  One of my former coworkers wanted something unusual for her mother in law’s 50th birthday.  dsc01600I was so happy and The Hubbs was glad as well.  While I have no intentions of retiring just now, I do feel a sense of satisfaction at having revealed my passion to some people who look sideways at me when I am collecting up “stuff” to use, lol!

I am home alone, for the most part. One of the Twem stayed home under the guise of studying for a test on Monday but he knew the rules of engagement this weekend…Mamma is arting and not cooking so every man for himself.  I woke up at 05:30, started with a cup of coffee, made bacon and egg on toast and here I sit…

Off to visit some blogroll!

oh, I almost forgot, Sherry tagged me earlier in the week and I have to list these rules

  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Mention the rules
  • Reveal six quirky yet boring, mundane, banal and pedestrian facts about yourself
  • Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
  • Go to each of their blogs and leave a message letting them know they’ve been tagged!
  • HERE ARE THE  6 things you wanted to know about me…you just did not know you wanted too!

1- I cannot sleep with the tv or lights on. It drives me insane.

2- I am so unorganized, that I have purchased a book twice because I could not find or know I had it the first time.

3- I don’t like having company over.  With 4 kids, a husband a dog and a cat, I pray for alone time and am never alone.

4- I have a boat load of stuff that I brought from America that only takes up space but I cannot unload it here.. Longaberger baskets, Lladro porcelain…stuff I “thought” I needed in my life in another time and place has no value to me anymore.

5- I do most of my shopping on Ebay and or when I travel to the States.  I don’t like euro fashion taste or quality.  Levi’s and tshirts are my preferred style at all times.

6-I need to see Oprah in the flesh.  I would love to see her show in person and a friend from Sweden just moved back to the US and lives in Chicago…That is my dream.

Now I have to tag some other non suspecting people…hmnnn



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8 responses to “Surfing Sunday and a tag continues…

  1. Congrats on your first sell! Woohoo 🙂

    So when are you coming to the states again?

    Oh, and if you know how to make a tuna salad, you can make a chicken salad. Just throw a can of drained artichoke hearts in, and some dill, some garlic powder, and some fresh parmesan cheese. It’s good grilled (like grilled cheese sandwiches) or cold!

  2. Yes, congratulations on your first sale!!
    Thanks for playing the tag game *smiles*. I can sleep anywhere and with anything on or off. I don’t care for company anymore (I used to, but don’t anymore). Oh yeah, and I’ve bought books AND rubberstamps that I already had! We’re pitiful huh? *hee hee*

  3. Fabulous stuff, Gina, congratulations!!

    Oh, and number one for me too, I need darkness and peace and quiet to sleep.

  4. congratulations! I know you work, its always on the top!
    Go get them girl.

  5. I would like too see the box inside…. Is it a suprise inside?

  6. no it is not a surprise! I was just too dumb to photograph it before I gave it away, LOL! 🙂

  7. Congrats on the sale it looks lovely, too bad you didn’t take a pic of the inside too though.

  8. Congrats on your first sell. This box is simply beautiful!

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