Forced spending retirement…Nothing artistic about this!


I belong to 2 scrap clubs and purchase from Noel’s ( see blog border) but lately, I have been running into problems with Swedi$h Cu$toms.  I just received a letter that basically says that anything I import outside the EU is subject to tax and import fees. This is for both new and used merchandise.  Applies to internet auctions or post order or something you won in a give away or gifted with a RAK.

“The “fee” is “between 0 and 20% and is calculated on the value of the item, including freight and transport insurance.  For most items, tax is 25%.  You can even count on paying other additional charges for administrative and handling fees.  Bootleg and pirate copies of clothing, shoes, sunglasses, handbags,  medicines and automotive and aircraft parts are forbidden to shop and or order into $weden with mail order.”

What. in. the. hell?

Where is the democracy in this?  I refuse to pay one dime more than the taxes and duty I already pay.   Contributions to my retirement account are made after taxes ( which is 33% bracket for nearly everyone).

I already pay between 20 and 40 dollars a year fee for shipping (over subscription price) for my Women’s Day, Somerset Studio, and XXL ( gotta feed the kid in me, lol!)  I dropped all of my scrap and card mags and these will soon follow. I am getting a bind it all sent to me, a pair of UGGs and my hair is beginning to stand up on what the “import fees” will be.

I promissed The Hubbs that I would give it as long as we were living in America.  That would be 13 years and I am exactly half way there.

I may not make it at this rate.



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17 responses to “Forced spending retirement…Nothing artistic about this!

  1. OMG. Gina this is such a ridiculous hi-jacking by the Swedith governmnent!!

    Are you allowed to receive magazines sent to you that you didn’t pay for if it comes as mail? I’m happy to send you any Somersets I have that I no longer want…but let me know if you’ll be taxed up the wazoo!!!!

  2. What the ()#_@+ I’m with the “other Sherry” . . . I will send you whatever I have if it doesn’t cost you any more than what I pay to ship. Damn girl, what the (#)_@ is going on over there in Sweden with the taxes?

  3. I happen to have a garage apartment in Ohio with your name ALL over it.

  4. I was just contemplating mailing you a care package.. since it is a gift — would you have to pay taxes on that?

  5. YIKES girl..dang see if yall was on a military installation you know you would not have that problem DANG .. that sucks, I wonder if I mail you something from japan would it still be the same since it is not coming from US you know what I mean ..

    Girl that is just crazy boo bear, I am so sorry you have to go through that

  6. I don’t get it. So if I send you something that you didn’t want or didn’t ask for or didn’t know was coming….you would have to pay tax? Crazy! What if the value was shown as $0.00. Then who gets to say how much to tax? Keep us posted on this.

  7. Owmyyyyy yesss!It’s so crazy,rediculous…

  8. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I’m sure I can make you a hat to fit you. My store is at if you want you can take a look around and contact me back if you see something you like and let me know the measurment around the part of your head where you would want the hatband to rest. I hope that helps 🙂

    I do love Lawrence Welk! I started watching the show when I was about 13 and haven’t stopped. I have some of the records and even got to go to one of the reunion shows!

  9. I’m still feeling pissy about this whole taxes thing. Who asked about the gift thing? I want to know the answer to that! Can we send gifts if we clearly mark the customs forms as gifts? Is that taxed? Damn Swedes and their Swedish taxes.

  10. Yowza!! Man they get you comin’ and goin’ don’t they??

  11. SO if somebody sends you a gift you get taxed on it? That can’t be right, even our government wouldn’t get away with doing that – outrageous!!

  12. I guess we’ll all just have to fly over there with out suitcases full of things you want. Probably be cheaper.

    What a rotten deal!


  13. That is rotten deal and it stinks. I got stuck like that with some stamps I ordered from there.
    NEVER AGAIN, I guess I’ll just have to drool from now on. LOL

  14. I have been sick and unable to respond, but basically if someone sent me a “gift” and listed the value at let’s say $35.00, Mamma Sweden would add the value of the gift, then add what ever the postage was that you paid to ship it to me, then apply their surcharge to that AND charge me 25% of the total value as tax!

    That is the reason I normally have to make 50,000 $10 dollar orders or only order from EU countries, which have similar high cost products. I rely on friends to send me “gifts”, at low values which I can repay through Paypal…

  15. Sherry 1: No value is not an issue…it is mainly things that show value of over 20-25.00 because they add in the cost of postage…

    Sherry 2: $weden is mad for tax money! A pedophile is frowned on less than a tax cheat! Neighbors will call the popo on ANYONE they suspect may be getting their hustle on on the down low, lol!

    Sharon: If I don’t know it is coming and has some low value, it is ok…for example someone sent me a package of ” ephemera and used items” The value was 8 dollars. It contained lovely paper pieces, rubber stamps, 4 stamp/punches and lots of stuff…just not resale value, because it was “used”.

  16. Hey chica,
    Hope you get more sleep so you can feel like a whole 50. Which in this economy aint saying much! hah
    So are you saying if I sent you something (not that I have your address anymore, hint) that you’d have to pay taxes on that mofo? Well then what do you do at Xmas with presents coming in? For real? That’s gotta bite ox balls. =[
    Hey, I’m feeling generous… $10 dollars worth of luv to you.

  17. oh, that does suck. Terrible.
    Living right on the border like I do, I have a lot of the same issues, we have to declare everything of course just going over the bridge to pick up milk cause it’s cheaper in the U$. Everything being mailed or received at my U$ address too, which was my mom’s, must be dec1ared. Once the hubby had one red high heel in the trunk (fell out of my give-away bag dropped earlier at a thrift shop) and they gave him hell over that one shoe. Jeesh. Sorry you have to deal with this crap.

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