God Jul och Gött Nytt År!

Merry Felicidads and Glad Tidings.

After an exhausting trip, having to work 10 hours a day to help catch up, I finally have time to enjoy a blog and a beer in that order, lol!

Sorry to all of my friends and associates that I promised to shop with, see, call, visit…et al, when I arrived in the US, but I spent nearly everyday with my mom at the nursing home.  I would get up early and try to find her something interesting for lunch.  I bought her things that I did not know that she needed.   ( SIDEBAR: Did you know that adult diapers are not counted as part of the reimbursement expenses for medical care, because incontinence is not seen as a “problem” ?  Many of the seniors cannot qualify for Medicare, becasue they were Government workers that had to pay into their OWN private pension plans, lots of them that have fallen  off the face of the earth which leaves the elderly in a state of limbo… My mom has lost a lot of weight but her motor skills are not as sharp as they used to be…her mind has improved greatly, so it is a trade off.   There were so many people that had no visitors.  I took small mints around to some of the residents and they were so grateful!  A box of mini candy canes from Target went a long way, and it was the best investment I made.   If you know someone in a nursing or eldercare home, please don’t forget them.  They would love to have plants, magazines, small skin care items but most of all, just some company to break up the monotony.    I took my 3 nieces, and so many neighbors came in to say hi, just because there were loud, happy young people near by.  Nana loved seeing her grand kids and that was the most rewarding part of my trip.  The staff seemed caring and I was glad for that, but I did manage to help arrange a home health aid and PT 5 days a week 6 hours a day´.  Let us see if everyone does their part. 


If you have supportive family and enjoy good health, you need to be thankful.

No art, as the desk is a mess.  Off to see the wizard and all of my bloggy friends.

*Peace on Earth, Good will towards the elderly.*



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7 responses to “God Jul och Gött Nytt År!

  1. You deserve that beer! xoxo sherry

  2. god jul to you my friend..and a gott nyr ar to you ..have a wonderful day

  3. Glad to know you made it back home safely.. I still need your mailing addy as I have a gift for you I want to send off your way.

  4. So glad to know you are home safe. I’m ready to send off an email in a while….when did you get home???

  5. protestingempress

    Glad you’re home safe and sound. And, yes, attention is probably the best thing we can do for our elderly. (And that just sucks re: the diapers!!)

  6. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Healthy New Year!

  7. What an ordeal. I think you have the patience of a saint!

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