Be glad, even in the face of adversity…Socalized healthcare…

My mom had to be taken to the hospital from the nursing home.
My Step-father is now in the hospital.
My mom will not be going home on February first.

I have called, emailed and voicemailed my doctors, regarding my knee… No answer.

My boys will be entering ” Secondary school” and BOTH have chosen paramedic slash music as their intended studies…

The 3 year old just came in and demanded that I go ” up with my hands*. My 11 year old has proclaimed that after we pay for ” the MOther of ALL wEDDinGs” for her, she will move back in with me and Pappa… When will I wake up, lol!?

I am alive and on the right side of the grass and although struggling behind 2 mortgages, Thank GOD I am ALIVE! I have seen the impossible, survived the odds and still love life. Jeanette and Sharon have sent me Mojo, I am rejuvenated. My friend Greta started a memorial for a popular deceased scrapbooker, and the credit went to a company, where the lady was a member of their boards.

I know Greta’s heart and I know the good she is capable of. That being said, I don’t care who got the credit…Everyone will remember Aleida and the wonderful relationships she made, forged and created…Who gets the credit is superfluous…Those babies lost their mama. And here I sit complaining.
Hugs and love to all!



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2 responses to “Be glad, even in the face of adversity…Socalized healthcare…

  1. Thanks for the reminder of how good I have it…

  2. Thanks, MA…More hardship to come, but I am bracing myself, lol!

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