A favor, please?

Normally not one to ask for help, let alone favors, it is with hat in hand and a sincere heart that I ask all of my readers, lurkers, friends, etc to help me.

Since my Stepfather is in hospital, there is no one to visit my mom on a daily basis. A card would be an AMAzING thing for her and really, REALLY make her day….Please email me and I will give you the addy. Thanks SO much from the top of my heart and the bottom of my wallet!
LOVE and HUGS!!!



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8 responses to “A favor, please?

  1. Gina, can I put this link up on my MB?? I would love to see if some of the ladies there would be up for getting some pretty stuff out to your mom!


  2. Gina, email me with her address. I’d love to send her a card.

  3. Thank both of you wonderful friends and readers for helping me out. My mom will be surprised and grateful for anything, a note, card or picture that she receives! My SF is doing better after emergency surgery but he was her daily visitor and now the silence is making her feel a little scared. Thanks again, EVER so much!

  4. Hej,
    Jag fixar ett kort, är det något speciellt som hon gillar?
    Kram Jeanette

  5. Nej, inte riktigt, men tack!

  6. e-mail me with the address at auntyhattie@gmail.com and I’ll send a card from Hawaii.

  7. Hello my sweet friend…

    I would be honored to send your Mom a card from Portland, Oregon!!! Big hugs to you.

  8. Of course! Just send me her name and address.


    I love making cards and sending them to folks.


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