My blog template got hijacked!

The Andreas model was 3 column with a header and obviously the one I was using was re modified and nobody from WP bothered to notify me cause my header had disappeared! I don’t feel compelled to add music and other stuff because I don’t really thing people spend that much time here, lol!


I have not had the time to do anything arty but I think a lot about it. Does that count? I am planning on locking myself in the office at 9:10pm…that is when the girls go up to their room, The Hubbs is on line, and the twimem want to watch some horror film.  Kone just asked me what I wanted for my bd and I said some ” peace and quiet”.  He asked why I had to be so mean, The said while following me while I’m running back and forth between the laundry room and the cooking hamburgers.   Little One is cranky after a late nap and The Princess is in her own world standing in front of the hall mirror.  Ktwo and The Hubbs are enroute back from the stuga-weekend and the dog is dying for someone to drop something so  he is guarding the kitchen door…


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One response to “My blog template got hijacked!

  1. Dang! But I like the look of your blog this morning anyhow.


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