A Jacked theme…RAMBLINGS! Yes, it’s me!


I read a friend’s blog  (ok, it was Adrienne...see my blog roll for a shout out to her!)and was so inspired by her listing of “stuff” she had a peeve with and thought, that would be a great idea for me…so here it is.. my version:

  1. -Why was Dick Cheney faking a back injury JUST so he would not have to stand out of respect for Barack Obama?  Like that old fart actually could move a box on his own?  The proof of the pudding is that he had the nerve to lambaste the current administration for taking a “Cumbaya” approach to Guantanamo Bey and the so called hard core that remain there…Who in hell will take them and if it was such a solvable problem., why in hell did he not finish it off when he had the authority…?  I don’t want them set free, but I sure as hell don’t want them living next door to me!  What do we do, DICK?
  2. -Why are the heads of bankrupt companies STILL employed when the workers who actually do the damn job are out on the streets? -Why don’t we collect back the bonuses of EVERY CEO/President of a major company going under( ESPECIALLY the dude that got $70.2 million) and use the funds to bring current all of the mortgages of people that are being furloughed?  Having never earned more than $113,000 in a year, WHAT in hell does someone DO with $70.000,000,00 dollars?  That is vulgar and excessive.
  3. -Why is Anderson Cooper only on for 60 minutes here in Sweden! That PISSES me off!
  4. Why is Nadya Suleiman birthing 8 babies when she has 6 at home she is not even caring for? And WHY was she medically stimulated with no job, no insurance and no means of supporting another pregnancy? How did she even qualify with 5 previous births? Where was her psych eval?
  5. Why is is cheaper to fly from Newark to Stockholm, than it is to fly from Stockholm to Newark ON THE SAME DAMN AIRLINE?
  6. WHY are we STILL paying $4.66 A GALLON ( 1.24 a litre) for gas when the price has fallen by 50% EXCEPT here in Scandinavia?
  7. Why do I continue to buy hand made knitted rag socks for Baby Girl when the Daycare personnel just continue to lose them!? Don’t they know how much they effin cost!? I like to help the elderly which is why I buy them but for god’s sake…At $10.00 a pair, they ain’t cheap!
  8. Why did TY try to play the Obama’s by jackin those babies names? Did they not get the memo that the First Couple were Harvard/ Laywers?  ( Good way to back peddle, TY!)
  9. Why is there no KFC here in Sweden? White Castle? Popeyes? What about The Varsity? Greasiest food from my college days at Spelman, but damn, it was good!
  10. Why do Brits call suspenders “braces” when you don’t wear them on your teeth?
  11. Why does the government expect the elderly to pay full price for NECESSARY medicines and supplies ( blood pressure equipment, diabetes testing strips, adult diapers) when they are on fixed income?
  12. Why are the Republicans playing hardball when we know that they have fed pork filled bills through the house and senate for the last 8 years? I think it is a disgrace that the bastards continue to vote as a block instead of jostling their own ca hones and voting their conscience and constituents desires…Not just being an intentional adversary to the President.
  13. How could Michael Phelps think it was ok to hit a bong with a camera present and still retain his millions of dollars in endorcements just ” by chalking it up to youth and indiscression” when I have never hit one and cannot get a free pair of sneakers?
  14. Why are Oprah, Bill Gates;Judge Judy; Dr Phil and The Donald not organizing and making a difference in THEIR communities?
  15. Why in hell would that couple in Florida clone their dog at a cost of over $125,000 when there are people dying of mosquito bites…just to see them in their opulence and arrogance talking aboutthe ignorance of ” getting back the essence” of their deceased pet was not only disconcerting, but scandalous.
  16. Why does a jar of black gesso cost $32.00 for a litre HERE , but the desk agents at Scamdinavian made me throw out my $8.00 jar because my bag was over weight?
  17. Back to the Ponzi Scam of Wall street…How in hell could Mad(e)off sucker SO many people and now NOT be in jail next to Barry the Pedophile or Larry ” the girl came on to me” pedophile?    Yes, he made off with everyone’s money and is living the life of Riley…that is so not fair.  But he gets to live the high life until proven guilty… That sucks and he needs to be in The holding pen at Rikers for sure!!!
  18. last but not least…My (4)101k is now worth 38,9771.11.  This is down from a hefty sum that not only provided the down payment for our first home in NJ, but the proceeds went to invitro  fertilization and a new heating slash air conditioning system and still left 5 figures…I had hoped to retire with a million plus in my account.  That is history…
  19. I have become a mother for the second time and now instead of having a tween and teens, I have a 3 year old….who will help me pay for my heart/blood pressure/diabeties/cancer meds?


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10 responses to “A Jacked theme…RAMBLINGS! Yes, it’s me!

  1. Wow. You really hit a lot of good ones, Gina. Since I’m always griping, I don’t have to make up a special list. That’s ’cause I’m old!!!

  2. Hello Gina! What a list! I am thinking of writing the same thing me thinks. Anyway, nice to be back in the blogosphere!

  3. Great list – interesting read!

    But: Long time no see – how are you doing?
    Btw: I like your blog design 🙂

  4. Hej Gina! Nej jag bor i Göteborg, men det finns säkert en kviltförening där du bor! Kolla upp med Rikstäcket!

  5. Those are good Gina!

    Wanted to stop by and thank you for sending me over to Junk Market Style this morning!

    Stop back by and check out my latest blog post and watch the video at the end. Pretty cool 🙂

  6. So what was #19? Don’t leave me in suspense. I definately like the way your mind works.


  7. #20–I’m with you all the way!!!!!! 🙂

  8. WOOOO! Good stuff. Wow what a list. BAM. I could actually hear your voice there!! I hadn’t heard about the TY name thing.. and you have no KFC? That’s terrible.. we have one here but it’s called PFK (Poulet Frite Kentucky) in French. Tastes the same though.

  9. Dang Gina,

    Why you ain’t tell me bout’ da babygirl? I’m waayyyy late on this but Congrats to you mama!!!

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