31,000 visitors and married 19 years!

Yep, its,true! Check out the sidebar counter and take my word for it…

Sherry at GOT ART is also celebrating and was kind enough to send me a card which got lost in the email…lol!


I am flying in an old friend, Paulette next year for my 20th Anniversary to cook for us.  Paulette worked for me when I was a manager at a “certain” airline and we have remaiined friends because of her simple but tasteful cooking.  I have begun to save the equvalent of  $25.00 a week to pay for the fare and the things that she will need to bring with her…

In honor of my 31,000 visitors ( much attributed to the crazy name and the stupid “tags” That I use…I think that is the magnet…I must have a give away, but first, …I need sleep.  We spent the better part of the day in the hospital having a MRT for Baby Girl, under which she had to be sedated…I cried when he injected her with the medicine and she was out by the count of two…The HUBBS was consoling, but I knew I would lose it just seeing it happen.  The MRT was painless, but Bby Girl cried when MAMMA was not there and even though Pappa held her, she was glad to see Momma and fell asleep holding onto a chunk of my hair and with 2 fingers in her mouth…  This picture is one of my Påsk Lilja  ( Easter Flowers that never fails to bloom, no matter how badly the winter is or how early the Spring is…)

Even at this late stage of motherhood, with Baby Girl coming out of PullUps, the TwinMen ( Twems) turning 16 the SAME day as BABY GIRL…I feel…validated…fresh and ready for ALL that comes my way…  Thanks to Sherry who is also the Adopted mom of an almost man but living as a teen and “sometimes doing it alone”

Artistic peace and love to all that pass us by… and a special shout out to my BESTIST blog friend K2 who not only “GETS” what in hell I talk about, but supports me and so many other cyber moms that struggle every DAY!



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8 responses to “31,000 visitors and married 19 years!

  1. Major congratulations on your milestones! Fantastic.

  2. Happy Anniversary Gina! I hope you had a lovely dayx

    Re your question on my scrapping supplies, nope, I’m not buying anything new at all, well, maybe a gluestick, but that is it. It is just ridiculous the amount of stuff I have, it needs to get used up!

    Hope your DD is okay now.

  3. Happy Anniversary ! Hope you are having a great day!!!

    All the best to you,
    Gaby xoxox

  4. 19 years of marriage is REALLY something to celebrate! Keep the love alive 🙂

  5. And Happy Birthday (again???) . . . Please join me in celebrating ALL MONTH!! we deserve it, right? *smiles*

  6. Congratulations and Congratulations and
    I’m a dang good cook too…………

  7. ” Sharon…wanna come over and cook for a hundred or so???

  8. Are you kidding? 31,000 + hits? Lordy, I barely have 40 or 50 but I don’t give anything away…LOL. Congrats, too, on your anniversary! Wonderful really! Hope Baby Girl is doing better and Mom too. Send your mom’s address and I’ll whisk off a card to her….my pleasure!
    Keep your soul glowing because you are a joy to many!!
    Love you,

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