Are you a TwinKLinG H2O’s? kind of artist?

One of my FAVORITE companies…Lumin ARTE is going out of business!!!

They make the fabulous TWINKLING H20’s and lots of sprays and colors… PLEASE PLEASE  check them out and get your stash in order before they close!!!

If you have not used twinkling H2O’s…you are seriously missing something!!! This is me stressing over my last shipment, LOL!!!! dsc00431

Thanks again to all who continue to ask for the addy to send MOM a card!  She is impressed that I know so MANY fine and wonderful people all over the world, by way of a blog…something that she STILL does not understand…:)



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6 responses to “Are you a TwinKLinG H2O’s? kind of artist?

  1. You are too funny! That is a shame though about the store closing. I’ll have to check them out. I have your mom’s addie and will be sending her a card soon. Sorry I’m slow! Take care girl.

  2. Say WHAT?!(#_@ Those are the watercolors I use on my watercolored coffee filter ROSES!!! I guess I’d better hold onto the little jars I have 😦

  3. hey goruz ..i love h2o’s …thats some sad news about the company
    i really love seeing your pic…….heheh its a classic…/
    love to you ,and love to your mumma too

  4. Thanks, Linda!
    That is my secret crack when I am in a card making mode! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. i am super sad too 😦

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