Talk about a blast from the past…

If you have never seen this, you are missing something… I can remember actually getting goose flesh I thought it was so beautiful…

Patty LaBelle was one of the first people to appear in the NJPAC when it opened in Newark, NJ and my Mom and Stepfather went…she still talks about that concert to this day…almost 10 years ago.



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5 responses to “Talk about a blast from the past…

  1. Oh man…that is great! I love Cyndi and Patti! Hope all is well missy…long time no talk!! HUGS!!!

  2. Have not seen it before and do agree – it was beautiful – thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the video. I love this song but never heard/saw this version.

  4. This two ladys is fantastic…. I had play it 5 times alreddy… and I will se it again. Tahanks fore charing.

  5. The first price went to lilla huset på prärien………. But you can selekt you price next thime we see , Maybe you would like to have the alterd box… that I made?

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