Blooming mad!

That is what I am… A certain scrapbooking company that I shop from decided to not honor an agreement with me for a corporate purchase and charged my credit card double the cost that was originally agreed.  Π has not answered any of my emails nor has the sales rep called or texed to appologize for the discrepancy or error.  I ordered 50 dollars of merchandise that was part of their Sidewalk Sale…2 grab bags at $25.00 each…I emailed the representative that I normally do business with, but the emails were answered by another person, who offered to take care of the order.  When I asked her if all of the items could ship for one shipping cost, which was about $20.00 she assured me that it could… ( via email, so absolutely no misconception or misunderstanding, as it is all in writing)

The packages arrives via UPS courrier with duty charges imposed as the shipment shows a value of $50.00, which Swedish customs has added the  additional  $50.00 postal cost to which makes my packet now valued at $100.00 usd.  The duty was 35% which was inclusive of a $15.00 processing fee.  I have written Π several emails to no avail.  The sales representative is now ignoring my pleas for an explanation and will not refund the overcharge.

To say that I am disapointed is an understatement.

This not my first wholesale order from them, but due to the apparent lack of honesty and customer service, it will be my last.  Were it not for the several hundreds of dollars of inventory that I have on hand, I would take it all out in the back yard and use it as starter fuel for a barbecue.    There is no acceptable excuse for poor customer service and certainly never to blatantly lie about things that are not “possible” to do…

Anyone want to purchase a lot of paper flowers?   goodies2



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3 responses to “Blooming mad!

  1. Hi, I can always take care of som flowers. I bu them from you..

  2. that is not right.. I believe that is illegal when that isn’t the charge you approved.. I would talk to your credit card company and dispute the charge.. hope you get it worked out..

    Hopefully your mom will get her package soon.. I put her a card in the package too.

  3. GC

    Hi, I agree with Courtney. You have your e-mails as proof. Definitely would dispute the charge.
    That’s the beauty of using credit card companies.

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