Splitcoast Technique Tutorials: Faux Postage

Lately I have been addicted to stamps…I am collaging them and using them on my Spring Skinny Book swap cards, too!  I found this old tutorial, thank s to Karla’s blog and dug it up!  I just love Split coast Stampers, they can rock out stupendous cards!

Splitcoast Technique Tutorials: Faux Postage.



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4 responses to “Splitcoast Technique Tutorials: Faux Postage

  1. Hej, Nu blir jag nyfiken… du har så många ideer… help me. Kram Jeanettte Köpt en husvagn i dag……

  2. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  3. Can you post a link? I looked, granted briefly, at their webiste but didn’t find tutorials listed. I know, I know, it is probably there somewhere. I did see a lot of things I’ll go back to view.


  4. Interesting! I love to see what you make of them!

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