Necessity equals Creativity

Having been born and raised on the East Coast of America, I have been exposed to lots of  different foods and experiences that are not available here in Sweden.  I have had to learn to improvise in order to replicate many of the things that I see on so many blogs that I surf in America or Australia.

Jag växte upp på Östra området i USA.  Det finns många olika maträtter och efarenheter som man kan få och  prova på som inte  finns  i Sverige.   Oftna  måsta jag improvesera grejerna jag har sett på andra blogar i USA eller Australien.

For example, I saw a random mention of Fish and Chips on a blog.  My kids have never had fish and chips, ala England or Long John Silvers, a place that The Hubbs and I frequented in our DINKhood days.  Armed with only my taste buds and the wonderful internet…I found EXACTLY what I was longing for…

dsc01431Till exempel, jag hade läst om friterrade  fisk och pomme frits på en blog, men jag vet att det finns inte som lika Stor Brittania eller från en restaurang, some heter Long John Silvers i US.  Min man ocu jag bruker altid åta i restaurang förute barnet kommer ( dubble lön, ingen barn, tiden).  Jag häde bara mina minne om smack och min data, men jag hittade nånting jag längde efter…  ( förlåt mig…min lexicon jick sönder…!

We had a wonderful crispy, deep fried fish dinner and the kids were so impressed!  Now….Corned Beef and Cabbage for Saint Patrick’s Day!!!


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7 responses to “Necessity equals Creativity

  1. Hej jag tror att dina fich and chips smakar underbart….
    Kram Jeanette

  2. Never had fish and chips! Oh, your poor children Gina, lol!

    I guess it is kind of a staple here in England so I eat it without really thinking. It has to be done just right though, with a crispy, non greasy batter and lovely thick chips smothered in salt and vinegar to go with it.

    Your picture of it looks just right, delicious in fact:)

  3. We are deprived here, Paula! Thank GOD for the internet! I could not find malt vinegar, either 😦

  4. PS the secret is to beat the egg white separate and then fold it in to the batter! MMMMMMGOOD!

  5. The fish and chips looks good …

    BTW: If you need to quench your blog thirst, click the link:

    trust me, it’s not as “hateful” as Stuff Black People Hate. But it’s funny, self-deprecating and thought-provoking … Enjoy.

  6. Oh mercy this makes me so hungry. It looks delish.

  7. Oh yum!!!! Care to share the link for the recipe??

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