TET’s have arrived…

I was reading one of my favorite blogs : The After Party and the Hostess  (as the blog owner is known as) mentioned tet= tough economic times.

I thought that was such a cool acronym that I decided to steal it for a blog post…

What have the TET’s taught you?

1)  I have learned to re appreciate  home cooked meals and finding creative alternatives to the chicken, beef, fish that we seem to rotate through. ( see last post) 🙂   Planning out the menu or meals in advance means that I have more non perishables on hand and to only buy what I need if it is on sale…  A large bit of left over roast beef became a stew because I was determined not to toss it out after the first evening debut.   It was saved with a large onion and a kilo of carrots, potatoes and a tin of peas, lol!  Tonight it will reappear after a 8 day freezer stint lovingly cubed in a lovely rich gravy with oven heated rolls…LOL!!!

The enemy continues to invade my space.

The enemy continues to invade my space.

2) I canceled or  let lapse all of my craft and scrap magazine subscriptions . I was finding most of my ideas just sitting at my desk and never have the exact component used in a layout, anyway.  There are so many free and fabulous sites out on the web, I decided to stop killing glossy trees.  I understand that lots of them are going belly up anyway, but they had my business for over 10 years and I daresay that they received more from me than I from them. I just received a renewal notice for Somerset Studio but alas at a cost of $175.00 US for a 2 year subscription, I can think of better ways to spend those dollars…I mean Swedish Kronor…which I am paid in.  That leaves Family Circle and Cloth Paper ScissorsVictoria was a one off, but it is so pretty and I love vintage things. but at over $50.00 a year, I can let it go as well…I may have to seriously draw the line at CPS and Family Circle…I did not say I was DESPERATE, only learning to become more conscious of how I am releasing my cash…card mania continues

3) I really did not need so many scrap/card/ lifetime supplies of embellishments, ribbons and pens… and have stopped impulse shopping just for the sake of buying something… Just a few would have worked and now I am stuck with them…My art tastes have changes, but the junk remains the same.   A stamp pad in 20 different colors and I use the black one most. The teardrop and cats eye’s seemed so necessary several months ago.  Why do I have 2 binders of stickers?  Does any one use stickers anymore?  I have a jar of cash on my desk where I deposit give or take 25-50 kronor every Friday.  This represents my discretionary savings account.  This is money I am collecting for no other reason except to say that I have it and have no great plan for using it.  The lid is glued on and even The Hubbs is wanting to make contributions to it… It is my little piece of reality.  just something I decided to do just for me.  A wonderful lady who ownes a Yahoo group that i joined, noticed that we had both had  a birthday in February and sent me the box of ribbons.

I no longer apologize for my lack of Slice, die cutter, Cuttlebug or anything else that slices, dices and otherwise would give me illusions of granduer and publishing.  I am ok with my hobby and have now begun to realize that I may NOT be able to make a living off doing what I love…That does not mean that I will give up, quite the opposite.

I am going out for surgery on the 29th of March.   I will have at least 6-12 weeks of home habilitation to mull over some of these elephants ( dumb purchases)  and get them sorted so that I can stash the cash for something I really care about and or want to buy.  It won’t be a magazine or a stamp…not even a stamp pad, lol...

Why did it take me so long to realize that everything I “needed” was already here? I have at least 20 inches of paper that needs to be used.    I think I am going  to have fun trying to do more without buying more.   Lots of past revenue was generated off my credit cards, and i am the one facing the TET right now…albeit self imposed 🙂A RAK from America...I love ribbon, so so much!



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10 responses to “TET’s have arrived…

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of scrap or found art so I don’t buy much. In fact I went one whole year with only buying glue or tape or something I truly ran out of. I blogged all about it.

    There are other areas for cost savings in my life tho. If I’m cold in my own house I want the heat on. I don’t want to pile on layers of clothes. I’m picky about my coffee and its expensive – and I’m talking made by the pot at home not buying it one cup at a time. I like to cook, I like to eat and I’m unwilling to stint on the quality of food I put on the table. Of course it wouldn’t hurt me to stint on the Quantity at all!

    I’d suggest a trade for something but there goes the price of postage.


  2. hi, check this girl out… and you want to by some new stuff http://www.papiervalise.com/Provisions/provisions.htm

  3. Nancy

    You might want to check out Cloth Paper Scissors digital edition. You can see a sample at their web site- clothpaperscissors.com.

  4. crimsonpurl

    Luv this post!! I am really appreciating a lot during TET too!! 🙂

  5. @ Darla: EXACTLY! Postage for me is the killer…I RAK’d out over several hundred dollars in stuff and postage last year and have just stopped…

    @Jeanette…NO WAY!!

    Nancy: thanks for the information!

    @CP: Soror! Where have you been? 🙂

  6. Hi Gina,
    Found your blog through your post to my blog. Love what I’ve seen so far and will be back to read more. Good for you in resolving to consume less stuff. I’m trying to do the same and use up what’s in my stash. About the only thing I can’t stop consuming are books, but I am being a LOT more discriminating in the art and craft books I’ll shell out the $$ for.
    Amy in Austin

  7. Amy: Books are the key to life…exposing yourself to the opinions and views of others is what helps to shape you…Keep buying them books!

  8. Wow…I really enjoyed this post, Gina. I’m gonna have to sit and think about how TET have changed things in my life…or how they haven’t…but maybe should!

    I definitely don’t buy “new” things like I used to…still do but just not as much. I don’t subscribe to any kits or magazines…well I just subscribed to “ready-made” but that was a subscription I bought using Coke points! LOL!

  9. I so much agree with TET’s and you! Slow food is much better, more healthier, more fun and delicious to eat – besides; making and eating good old home made is about culture and traditions which MacDonald’s and pizza huts destroy!

    Other than that, I would say:
    1: Thank for your visit
    2: Jag Älskar Sverige
    3: Have a great week ahead

  10. I find that I scrap and create so much MORE when I finally stopped hording like I would never be able to afford to buy that cute thing ever again. That and it felt good to help out others who were seriously hurting. And 175 for a mag? Really? Really?? I mean really. Wow. The prices are CRAZY!

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