My favorite things…some of them, at least…

I am certain that I have shared some of my favorite things like Oprah, excepy mine are things forged from creativity!  One of them is this frame art of uncle CARL VON LINNE.carl…I love all of the small details from the butterflies to the different portraits in frames.  This was given to me by my bestis, Jeanette.

Ramen är en present fråm min bästis kompis, Jeanette, some här lärt mig att pyssla så bra. 🙂  Jag älskar Kalle Von Linne! Klick på för en större bild.

Some of my favorite cards that I cannot part with…not for anything, lol!  Nestles...LOVE the little bead swag and the mini advertisement posters…they are so cute!  This hangs on my wall over the desk. and then there is this one…featuring Uncle Carl…Carl VonDo you ever produce art that you just cannot part with!?


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6 responses to “My favorite things…some of them, at least…

  1. Du är för go, tack snälla du för detta. Thanks for al the nice words… Jeanette

  2. All the time!!!! I have a hard time to make things to give away!!!
    I love all three of them! Beautiful!

  3. I’ve got a box of cards that I keep. I’ve said I’ll only keep what will fit in the box, but it keeps getting more crowded in there. The lid no longer closes and I really ought to go through it… My first step will be to take photos of them. That way I will still be able to look at them, just not stroke them!!!!

  4. I wish I were this creative. The best I can do is use those crinkle cut scissors on a photo and a glue stick. 🙂

    LOVE your creations!!!

  5. YES! I have to live with some pieces I create for awhile, and then eventually I give them away 🙂

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