Out for surgery…Jag ska operara!

My number is up and I am off to the hospital on Sunday…I will not be able to blog for a spell and hope everyone is well.

There is a family emergency that may make me postpone it so I need to make a tough decision, quickly.  dsc004131Thanks for visiting and hope to be back at the computer, soon!

Tack for att ni besöker och jag hoppas at kommer tilbacka så snart så möjligt



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3 responses to “Out for surgery…Jag ska operara!

  1. My prayers will be with you. Hurry back!!

  2. Prospone the operation for pickin lavendel… I love the lilly, What time on sunday? Hugs Jeanette

  3. good luck! Hope you get the opportunity to have a bit of a shopping spree to treat yourself when it is all over!
    Sally x

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