Spring is here, but it is still snowing…Våren har kommit, men sno också

Spring has sprung
Here come the Tulips ( Tulipaner),  Crocus( Krokus) and in the rear is a tiny bit of a climbing Hydrangea (*draws a blank stare*).  The Hubbs was out and plowing at zero dark hundred, but that is good.   Money is always needed.  Min man ploga sno fler timmer igår kvall. Våren har kommit men det finns fortfarande sno…Det är bra, vi behöver pengarna 🙂
Ok, I lied about it  my last post…I should be packing for the hospital tomorrow, but I can’t.  I am nervous, excited and happy that I can get my knee fixed for once and for all.  My surgeon is very fluent in English as is the anesthesiologist that I had to meet before I was scheduled…(on a sidebar, I was a bit concerned about all of the clown excessive  make up she appeared to be wearing while garbed for surgery…( over rouged cheeks and extended tip eye liner (  ;0   ) I could not help but wonder if I was just overtly focused on her face, versus my surgery…) 
Jag har ljugit om mina sista blog post.  Jag skulle packa ihop min grejer för sjukhusen, men jag giller att blogga…  Läkern ser ute som lik en clown med extra mycket smink på sitt ansikte.   Det ser konstig ute, men jag tyckte att det var for mycket i sjukhuset, bara till nättklubb….;)
I was inspired by this video over at Sharon’s.  I promptly found one of the many books lying around and began to disect it a’la Sharon’s instructions…sanded off the slick finish and applied gesso…

Micha sacrifices a book for the sake of art...

Micha sacrifices a book for the sake of art...

Then I need to practice some of the techniques I am learning in Mixed Media / Creative Workshops.      We are concentrating on backgrounds from the bottom up and it is so wonderful to be able to see the video’s come to life .
I live in a small village and there is not a whole lot going on her in terms of Mixed Media…    I on the other hand need more… I thrive in my stuff.  I live in my stuff…I LOVE my stuff…Buttons, ribbons, paints, crayons, leaves, paper, beads and threads all waiting to come together and do something in my hands.     I just cleaned my desk and it is a mess again.    I just saw a wonderful video over at Art Du Jour and Nancy has an amazing studio with space out of the yahoo…so organized and comfortable and check out the caligraphy demo she has!
Then there are the AMAZING tags that Sherry saw at The Studio Blackbirds.    I cannot get those tags out of my head and have a need to know how they were done…
NOW you see why I am not packed… more book later.

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