Jävla Akademi$ka $jukhuset

Jag hater dem.

En sjuksyster ringde till mig, en timme och femte fem minuters förute jag skulle läggas in.   Tyvärr, det finns ingen plats, vi har patienten som ligger i korridoren utan rum…VAD!?  säger jag, men jag måste hitta man som kan hjälp ta hand på min barn, min man jobber ock ska hemma tidig for att kör mig…vad säger ni?  Men det gör inte att bli arg med min, sa hon, jag bara jobba har…Ursakta mig?   Ni här patienten som ska åker hem genom veckan, gjörde inte, bara ligger kvar och ingen bryr sig?

Mindre television Akademi$ka $jukhuset och mer SJUKHUSET!!!  Hur kan patienten bara ligger i sjukhuset, åker inte hemma ock ingen veta?

Jag är så javla arg.


I was scheduled for an operation on my knee tomorrow.  I was to report to the hospital at 15:00 when at 11:55, I received a call from a nurse ( unidentified) who said unfortunately they had patients lying in the corridors and there was no place for me.   I was uncertain as to what the exact reason was, but needless to say, I found it unbelievable that no one seemed bothered by the fact that patients are obviously not moving out of the ward, which backs up the surgical schedule, post pones new admittances and subsequently causes someone like me to not only be operated on, but lost wages because my company had already filled my position in anticipation of my outtage.

I have always had private insurance in America and am shocked and dismayed that this degree of miscommunication  that exists at your hospital.  I am hoping that this is indeed not business as usual but a mistake between, Admissions, Ward care, surgical staff and discharges.  When I asked when I would be rescheduled, I was told that I would hear from ——,( who only has phone times on Friday).

I  had to hire a care giver to support my husband (while he works) for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week in anticipation of my surgery.  I am not entitled to sick pay for this time and unfortunately no one seems concerned.  I am saddened and dismayed.   I went to —– $jukhuset on a referral from Akademi$ka 3 years ago for the initial prosthesis, which turned out to be too small, and needs to be replaced.  I have had no inflamation meds for 2 weeks, barely able to work and or walk in anticipation of my surgery.  What can I do to just have my operation and just go home?  I can be seen by local vård central instead of laying in the hospital…at least I can get on with my life.




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7 responses to “Jävla Akademi$ka $jukhuset

  1. Hi there. Yep, the header is missing. My blog is “under construction” 😉 and I was changing up a few things when I accidentally deleted the header image from the hosting site so I have to make one of my own now or maybe I can pull a copy of the image off the old computer. Who knows?
    I haven’t been blogging a whole lot but I checked and all my most recent posts are there.

    Take Care

  2. What!!! They better stop playing with how they’re treating patients over there! I hope it all gets worked out soon!

  3. Hi. Just stopped by to say thank you for visiting my collage page

  4. Hej har varit på fotvård nu på morgonen… får fina sommarfötter… vi hörs när jag kommer hem. Kram Jeanette

  5. What a bummer. How disappointing. I hope it all works out and that you can have the surgery very quickly.

  6. Oh that is really too bad. And then the worry about your mother on top of everything…

  7. wow how did things work out in the end? At least I am hoping that’s it’s been resolved by now?

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