Up again!

That is what I used to say to the kids when they found themselves on the ground inbetween tears and surprise.  I find it works for me, too.  Busy today learning how to Twitter and finding friends and aquaintances all over.  There is an issue with receiving updates here in Sweden…you can send them, but not receive them ( 😮 ) .

Today, I am wrist deep in rubber…Red to be exact.  I have bought stamps from several places ( unmounted) before I decided to impose tet and stop frivilous spending, also known as “bashing the stash” using what you have…etc…Exibit Arubber here, rubber there, rubber everywhere...I’m mounting to foam sheets, rubber sheets and if I can find it, some EZ Mount that I know is here somewhere.  It is a wonderful sunny day and I need to be out washing my car, however,  I have a husband and two teenage sons that should be more concerned about detailing the car instead of stamps 😉

I received this wonderful gift from Courtney in Louisiana.  dsc01470I had admired it in her Etsy shop and here it is…It is so pretty and the blues and reds go so well together…I should have photographed it on a white background, but alas, gotta get back to burnin rubber!  THANKS, Courtney!

I have finally made contact with my siblings or at least 2 of them to get them to see which one of them can take my mother in.  The facility she was in was sold, and I am not at all comfortable with things as they are.   I may joke a lot, but I believe you must takc care of small children, The elderly and the handicapped…everyone else should be able to fend for themselves…  Unfortunately once kids grow up, they don’t think about reciprocating to their parents.  At least my siblings don’t.

I received a bag of goodies from Valerie to make a necklace for a swap using a Formica tile and embellishments of your choice…She also sent me some faces that she has made out of polymer clay…I need to get busy and make something happen.  Valerie has a HUGE collection of images so stop on by and take a right click peek..P.A.T. and hospital admission is rescheduled for the 13th of  April.   We shall see…



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8 responses to “Up again!

  1. Oh wow how many secret do you have? havent seen haf of the rubberstamps on the photo…. LOL Jeanette

  2. Catching up. So sorry to hear your surgery was cancelled like that. Hope they stick to the new schedule. Meanwhile… stamp away!


  3. Oh no, I thought the surgery would be all over with by now. Sorry to hear it’s been delayed, I hope you’re not in too much pain.

    Oh, and I’m afraid I don’t Twitter anymore, I just couldn’t keep up with updating it all the time – I’m such a slowcoach, lol. I did the same with Flickr, except I forgot my password on it I was away for so long – now it won’t let me back in:(!

  4. i came to check up on you and tell you I received a box just full of butterflies. I could not imagine why she was sending me something and then I found a little card that said it was from you. Girl….I love ya!
    And your surgery. Well, must be a good reason for the delay. Someday we might know. Meanwhile just make ART.
    Thank you for a special surprise.

  5. Glad to count you in as my Twitter friend!

    Great gift – congrats!

    Happy April and Easter Season 🙂

  6. I’m on twitter! averymarydesign

    and stash busting? wtf is that?!

  7. wow the last time I saw that many stamps I was at a craft store!!! LOL

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