I have arrived, kind of…

haleleujahLook what I got my little hands on…:)

Finally getting the illustrious gel:  Wonderful

Thinking it will dramatically enhance my work: NAH!




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5 responses to “I have arrived, kind of…

  1. Oh, but the plastic doilies? doylies? loidydoys? may! In Monday’s mail, love!

  2. Hi Gina! oooooooooooh, one of my favorite products 🙂

  3. Dramatically enhance? I don’t know. I sure know it makes the process a lot easier for me tho. I use it a lot.

    Now what’s this MA is saying about plastic doilies? Um, are ya swapping some?


  4. SOOO happy for you! I know you have such a tough time getting the necessities of life!!! 🙂

  5. Hej girl,
    Im home….. And I am married… dont be mad att me…..
    Love Jeanette

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