Mission ( almost) accomplished!

The road to organization is a difficult one. Chaos thrives all around me, but somehow I can\’t stop it. Started with the unmounted stamps. I had several large binders from when I was a Clone Memories consultant…After removing a pound of stickers ( now relegated to a brown bag) this is what I was able to do:

Then some of the semi clear pocket organizing:

Then after consideration decided to try another system for the smaller items…dsc01484and still another for the slightly larger sets, I used clear video cassette boxes…

Sorry..WP is making me crazy with the gallery issue.  Off to try and make something silver for the Make it Monday Challenge.

BTW: I often like to use foreign text as background for collage and altered items…I discovered if you go to LARGE international corporate web sites , their terms of usage appears in lots of different languages.  Just click on the US english to change to one of over 40 languages and images.



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7 responses to “Mission ( almost) accomplished!

  1. I LOVE looking at how other people organize! Those VHS tape boxes are an awesome idea! I could think of a million things to store in them, and then they neatly go in the bookshelf.. hey and congrats on the gel medium too! I look forward to seeing what you make with it.. you had a purse posted recently that you altered – it looked great.

  2. I think I need you to come and organise me! x

  3. That IS a LOT of stamps!! Looks like a great way to organise them too.

  4. Isn’t it just so much fun thinking you have the perfect organizing system and then something else comes along that fits better? NOT! LOL Organizing seems to never end *sigh*

    One more day until Lezlei is here! yippee!

  5. Sally: you are graciously invited to come and see what lies out of view of the camera, lol!

  6. Holy cow! I am IMPRESSED!!!! Have you ever looked through Jo Packham’s “Where Women Create?” There’s some pretty good organizing ideas in that book…that whole book makes me totally drool!!!

  7. Hi Gina!
    THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I am so glad that your mom is such good health that she is only temporarily in an assisted living home and that she has wonderful caregivers there, too! It’s a real relief to know they are in good hands. I’m glad you like the book on CLASSIC CARDS . . . it really is a cool book! Have a great week-end!!!!

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