On my way to a short vacay: Then to the hospital

Here is one of my FAVORITE Swedish Rappers. Petter. ( PETER)

He is so talented and I love his voice.  He talks about mainstream things that are conducive to the lives of Americans and or Swedes living in impoverished times.   Thank all of you for visiting and helping me bring art and craft to my small world in Sweden.



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5 responses to “On my way to a short vacay: Then to the hospital

  1. I do agree and we see him sometimes at TV in Norway too.

    Have a lovely vacation – we are in our paradise in Mariestad 🙂

  2. Enjoy your vacation and good luck for your hospital stay, I hope it all goes wellx

  3. PLEASE listen to the video.
    He talks about his normal life in what seems to be an AA meeting type environment” but then seems to realize that his vices are not what is hurting him, but life in it’s self…

  4. Hey Gina! I was so surprised to see your comments on my blog! Long time! And….dangit woman, I’m in awe…things are hopping in your life now, wow! It’s been awhile, for sure.

    Hope you get a bed and a surgeon this time and I was so touched by your blog comments, just wanted you to know. I’m gonna sidebar your blog under art journalers on my paper paisleys blog. Oh, ROM stands for Rules Of Me. It’s just a list of realities about yourself as a creater, an artist.Like a book of me about how you create. Helps authenticate things and aleviate a little guilt, self-loathing, whatevers the problem. Hey, talk to ya soon and good luck!

  5. Yep, he’s good. I hope you have a wonderful and happy Easter. the weather certainly is NIIIIICE and sunny finally!!!!

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