Glad Klämdag!

Today is a klämdag, or ‘squeeze day’, which translates to a real  ‘working’ day coming after a public holiday and before a weekend.

My favorite act did not win the Eurovision Song Contest ( England), but I was able to stay awake and watch most of it…

Working on several things here, but unable to finish any one thing…. Lots of High School Graduations, birthdays and the like.  Nearly mid sommer which is killing me, because the birds literally start chirping slightly after 2:30 in the morning.  I wake up at 4:00 and cannot go back to sleep…

Back to making another birthday card.  We celebrate 3 birthdays tomorrow when the twins turn 16 and Greta turns 4.  WHAT a savings on cakes! :p

Baby Girl's favorite person!

Baby Girl's favorite person!


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One response to “Glad Klämdag!

  1. happy klämdag to you to… but I am working… hugs Jeanette

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