Thursday=depression (Torsdag betyder depremera)

Why God, WHY!?

Why God, WHY!?

The twins are graduating from 9th grade in two weeks.  Their prom (bål)was 2 weeks prior.  Today they need 350 kronor (45.00 us) to pay for class sweaters ( hooded sweatshirts) that were customized with nick names etc…Idag, behöver dem 700 kronor för att betala för deras skola tröja med luven och smeknamn.

They believe that we should pay for these items and that their allowance is theirs to keep in their pockets.  I offered to pay for half of the items and offered them the opportunity to earn the rest of the money…needless to say the car is still waiting to be washed and the dog bathed.  Barnen vill hölla på deres vekopengar men  foralderna ska betalar for deras greger.  Jag tror inte. Dem måste tvätta bilen och bade hunden för att fick extra pengarna., eller hur?
The satelite went kaput last night.  I missed House.  I cannot watch Top Chef today or Law and Order SVU tonight ( We are a season behind on some programs, so I accidently found out who won season 4 of Top Chef while watching Rachel Ray).  The cable company does not have repair trucks that they can dispatch to help you…you are either screwed or have to climb up there yourself  and find out what happened. The box just says ERROR.  Modern technology.
Off to visit blogs.



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4 responses to “Thursday=depression (Torsdag betyder depremera)

  1. hi, girl…. miss you… have been caling you, but now answering…. Dont understand collage the photo in the frame… whits one… Today im going to the vårdcentral to fix my astma…. fore the hundred time…. by for now..
    hugs Jeanette

  2. that stinks….no satellite. HOpefully it won’t take long to get it working again! As for the kiddos and the money they need, sorry to say get used to it it only gets worse especially if they are in other activities. We still owe $150 from my son being in band this year. They nickel and dime you to death with expenses. Speaking of which I’d better get a check to them or he won’t get his report card. lol

  3. That sucks. I am big on House too. I watch the reruns over and over when nothing else appeals. Hope the dog gets washed and the car gets a bath.

  4. Pat

    Well, girl, the surgery gave you time to blog and bitch! I love it! Your humor overcomes all. I need to keep up with your blog more…it always tickles me.

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